Q&A with Chiara

The best party I’ve ever been to was…

Hard one! I’d have to say a dear friend’s wedding in Texas – where the bride wore pink, the groom’s father played the bagpipe, and for dessert, they served Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Ice Cream (the groom’s favorite).

Best Dance Party Song…

Probably Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G., but a close second would be Gold Digger / Kanye and Jamie Foxx. Get down girl, go head, get down!

The one crafting item I could never live without is…

Totally random, but I find myself reaching for my 6-inch upholstery needle all the time.

Best Cure for a creative block:

Organizing craft supplies – makes you see that stash of vintage silk ribbon you’ve been hoarding……..and then suddenly you have an idea of just what to do with it.

Sweet or Savory?

Savory, for sure. I’ll take salt over sugar any day of the week.

Favorite Holiday?

Valentine’s Day, for all its beautiful combinations of pinks, reds, dark chocolates and love going around.

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