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3 Simple Luxuries for Mother’s Day

Growing up, the best way to show my mom we cared was letting her catch a few extra Zs on a weekend morning so I always associate Mother’s Day with restful time at home and simple, everyday kinds of luxuries—like someone making you coffee, a freshly made bed or a new set of PJs. For this post, we partnered with Purple to explore a few fun ways to delight mom this year. Read on for some easy ideas and a daisy-inspired DIY. AND we also have a special discount code to get you started on your Mother’s Day gifting.

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In My Easter Basket

I love curating Easter Baskets for my kids but this holiday always sneaks up on me in a stressful way. Here are some of my picks for this year. See all of our Easter Baskets picks right here.



DIY Eye Masks

This post is sponsored by Brother USA.

Ok, it’s March again (how?!), which means we’re a year into this pandemic and all the daily stresses that have come with it— honestly, that’s a lot. Consider this post a reminder that it’s ok to take some time to recharge however you need to. To celebrate National Craft Month (and more importantly, relaxation), we made these cheeky eye masks using craft tools from Brother. Read on to get crafting, and/or pull the covers back over your head—absolutely no judgement here.

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