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Fly Fishing Gift Topper

We all have a few men in our lives who enjoy the outdoors, and a good ol’ day of fishing! These DIY gift toppers are the perfect Father’s Day embellishment, and they could work for any birthday as well. Some Dads are no-nonsense and no-frills, but any Dad will love this special handmade touch on their card or gift. You could even attach a coupon for a day at the lake (or pond)! Read on for the simple instructions on making these sweet flies…

Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day
Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day

Materials needed: 16 gauge wire, scissors, pipe cleaners, tacky glue, 5 mm black pom-poms, variety of feathers, string or ribbon, cardstock, alphabet stamps, ink pad

Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day

Step 1: Cut a 4” piece of wire, and fold about ¾” in at the very end to create a small loop. Wrap the folded end of the wire around a finger to create a “J” for the hook. 

Step 2: Start wrapping a pipe cleaner tightly around the wire, right across from the tip of the “J” until you reach the end. Cut off the excess pipe cleaner, and pinch the end down so that it is not sticking out.

Step 3: Use tacky glue to attach your 5mm black pom-pom to the top of the wire at the end of the pipe cleaner. 

Step 4: Cut some feathers down to about 2 – 2 ½” long and glue them to the back of the pipe cleaner so that they are fanned out above and to the sides of the pom-pom. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Cut a strip of cardstock and cut a triangle out of one end. Stamp the name “Dad” (Papa, Grandpa, Daddy, etc.) on your tag. 

Step 6: Attach your fly fishing lure to the tag and attach the tag to your present or card using string, ribbon, tape, or glue.

Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day
Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day
Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day
Fly Fishing Gift Topper | Oh Happy Day

Crafting and photography by Abby Hunter.     

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