Mar 24

Peanut Bunny Favors DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

There’s not much cuter than a little creature made out of a peanut.  Nestled in their beds of green grass,  these charming little Easter bunnies will guard the candies hidden inside. And would you believe that fluffy grass is made out of a green paper napkin!!

Peanut Bunny Favors | Oh Happy Day!Peanut Bunny Favors | Oh Happy Day!Peanut Bunny Favors | Oh Happy Day!Peanut Bunny Favors | Oh Happy Day!

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Mar 4

DIY Honeycomb Pinata Favors

by Michaela Egger

Jordan is most definitely the queen of pinata crafting! I loved her mini pinata favors so much! I thought I’d come up with a slightly more simple pinata favor DIY. I think these little hexagon honeycomb shaped favor boxes and printable tags are perfect for a spring party and they won’t take super-long to make.

DIY Hexagon Pinata Favors | Oh Happy Day!DIY Hexagon Pinata Favors | Oh Happy Day!

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Jan 26

Mini Crepe Paper Flower Favors DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

I have to say, Valentine’s Day is one of my all-time favorite holidays. Something about all the pink and red makes me giddy. Here are some sweet little Valentine’s Day favors – made with wax paper, and secured with mini crepe paper flowers on a toothpick.  And although I made them with Valentine’s Day in mind, they really could be used for any event, from a baby shower to a wedding. I love glassine bags, but figured I could do a more ‘cost-effective’ version with a roll of wax paper from the grocery store. They are simply folded, punched at the top, and threaded through with a toothpick to close them.

Materials needed: crepe paper, toothpicks, scissors, glue, wax paper, a hole punch (I found the smaller size works better with the toothpicks), and some green paper and white-ink pen for name tags.

Step 1: Cut out 5 or 6 crepe paper petals, about 1/2-inch wide by 1-inch height, and follow Jordan’s great tutorial for crepe paper flowers here (steps 1-9 of her Basic Rose Instructions). The only difference is that these flowers are miniature, and glued onto the end of a toothpick. (Lightly apply a dab of glue on each petal and twist it onto the toothpick, instead of using wire). Let dry.

Step 2: Tear off a 12-inch piece of wax paper. Fold it into thirds vertically. Then fold up from the bottom, 5 inches from the bottom. At this point, gently open the top of the ‘bag,’ in between the highest side of the wax paper. Fill with goodies (I used red jelly hearts), and then fold the top flap back down.

Step 3: Punch two holes, about 1 inch down, and 1 1/2 inches from each side. Be sure you are going through all layers of the wax paper. Insert your mini crepe paper flower toothpick through the two holes, so that the bag stays closed and the candy is secured inside. I cut out a little green leaf and printed each guests name on each leaf. I added this to the toothpick before I threaded it through the two holes.

Step 4: Put your treats in a bowl by the door, with a reminder for guests to take one as they leave.

P.S. These would also make super-cute cupcake toppers, don’t you think?!

Jan 11

Stamped Party Favors DIY

by Joke Vande Gaer

My son Oliver turned 3 this year and I had no idea turning 3 is such a big thing for kids that age! He was telling every single person how he was going to be a big boy now. I just had to incorporate the number 3 on his birthday, so had a little stamp made for him. We used the stamp for his invitations, thank you cards, cake toppers and the party favors (which was my favorite project). I repackaged candy, stamped each one individually and made a goody box for every kid. Oliver loved his new age displayed everywhere.

Materials needed: tissue paper, candy, a stamp (you can find number stamps in most craft stores, you don’t need to have a custom one made), a stamp pad, boxes to fill with candy, some string and a little notecard.

Step One: Wrap your candy in tissue paper (2 sheets works best)
Step Two: Stamp each repackaged candy (test the stamp out a few times on some paper)
Step Three: Stuff some tissue paper on the bottom of your box

Step Four: Fill the boxes with candy
Step Five: Attach your note to a string and wrap it around the box

I picked stamping because I was convinced we could do his party projects together, but that didn’t really happen. He just wanted to play with the stamp in his notebook and wasn’t interested to help with the rest. Maybe he’s a little too young for it? Would your child like to help with this?

Oct 27

Repackaged Candy Favors

by Joke Vande Gaer

I’m not always the best planner when it comes to birthdays. Some birthdays come, I’ll have an idea in mind long beforehand and it all works out great. Other birthdays come and I’m scrambling for time to put something cute together the night before. These repackaged mentos favors were one of those late night ideas that turned out cute, are easy to make and need just a few materials!

Materials needed: tissue paper, bright colored markers, mentos (or any other candy you’d like to use)

Step 1: Cut your tissue paper to the right size of your chosen candy. Leave enough room on the sides to twist the ends.
Step 2: Carefully remove the outer layer wrapping of the mentos. This way the foil wrapper is still around and you don’t have to touch the candy.

Step 3: Draw quick lines diagonally on one sheet of tissue paper. Quick lines really turn out the cutest! No reason to measure, imperfections and a combination of thick and thin lines give the best result.

Step 4: Back your marked sheet of tissue paper with a clear sheet of tissue paper.
Step 5: Roll the mentos roll into the 2 sheets with the marked sheet on the outside.
Step 6: Twist the ends closed…that’s it!

These favors are perfect when you need to make big quantities, it’s so quick! And much more fun to give than a regular roll of mentos! Wouldn’t they be cute for a rainbow party in even more colors?