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Easter Baskets for Kids

I’ve been putting together some Easter Baskets for my kids and thought I would share some of picks here. Easter is always one of those holidays that catches me by surprise so I’m patting myself on the back that I’m not at the drugstore the night before trying to make tictacs count as Easter Candy.


1. EASTER BASKETS We were in the need for new baskets and I bought these hand woven ones.
2. CLASSIC RUBBER DUCKY In the wise words of Ernie “Rubber Ducky, you’re the one!”
3. GERMAN CRAYONS I love the sweet vintage packaging on these crayons.
4. BUNNY BONNET Because dressing small children up as animals is the main reason you had them in the first place.
5. STRAWBERRY CONTAINER I got this last year “for my daughter” and it is as functional as it is cute.
6. CARROT STUFFIE Because it’s on brand and reminds them to eat their vegetables.
7. DANISH BARETTES I found this company on Instagram and somehow gave them all my money.
8. JELLYCAT BUNNY This company makes HANDS DOWN the softest toys.
9. WOODEN CAMERA I buy my kids wooden toys believing that they will play with them just like they believe in the Easter Bunny even though they are nine. There are some lies we tell ourselves to get through life.
10. EMPTY CARROTS If you want to mix up the plastic egg situation.
11. JUMPING CHICKS I try to avoid buying little knick knacks that will quickly break and end up in a land fill but I make a few exceptions here and there if they can do tricks like these chicks that can do impressive flips.
12. FJALLRAVEN BACKPACK Because if you can’t pronounce it, its probably cool.
13. ROLLIE BUNNY Like a car but Easter themed
14. MY FRIENDS Is probably on my top five favorite children’s books. I’ll buy anything Taro Gomi makes.
15. CLASSIC BUNNY SLIPPERS Tis the reason for the season.
16. MARSHMALLOW A book about a soft white bunny named after a marshmallow.
17. FRIED EGG ART You’ve got egg on your face.
18. CASCARONES These Mexican Confetti eggs make Easter about 300% more fun.
19. MONTESSORI BUNNY I’m obsessed with these funny wooden shapes you add leaves to that transforms them into woodland creatures.
20. FRENCH BALLOON BOAT You can buy it off Amazon but pretend you got it at a “little boutique in France.” But for reals my kids love these.
21. PONS I present to you the perfect Easter Sandal.

  1. Kate

    April 9, 2019

    These are so cute! I am definitely going to be using some of these ideas for the kids at my daycare! Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a lovely day.


  2. Amy C

    April 9, 2019

    Picks are great. Captions even better. Worth the wait for you to blog ❤️

  3. Mariana

    April 10, 2019

    Jordan, I’ve missed your blogging!
    This is such awesome info, thanks.
    You’re rad.

  4. Sona

    April 10, 2019

    These are such a great idea x

  5. PavlyDovely

    April 10, 2019

    I always get stuck for ideas when it comes to Easter baskets. I don’t want to put any chocolate and it seems that’s all they have in the shops. This year I’ve got a lot of bunny-themed stationary as well as some real carrots 🙂 Thank you for the additional ideas. My favourites are the basket and the Montessori bunny so I’m definitely going to look them up 🙂
    PavlyDovely |

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