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An Intergalactic NYE Party

New Year’s Eve is all about the metallics. In fact, I think this time of year is contingent on the hunt for that PERFECT shiny outfit to show off at holiday parties! Our idea for an epic NYE space party sprung from this seasonal obsession and we went all out! We took inspiration from disco, David Bowie, the 70’s and 80’s and even Gucci’s recent sci fi campaign.  Continue for all the sparkly deets!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

We used silver metallic tablecloths to create the shiny backdrop and created hanging planets out of silver orb balloons! We really leaned into the whole theme- creating the cutest UFO favors filled with tiny alien toys! Our marketing co-ordinator, Sarah, tackled the make-up. She used bold colored metallic eyeshadow topped with AMAZING silver tinsel eyelashes! A multitude of disco balls and silver fringe really added to the vibe. And the pièce de résistance- these killer metallic pants from Mango.

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

Balloon Planets

Materials Needed: Orb balloons (in silver), balloon hand pump, large piece of cardboard, measuring tape compass, x-acto knife, aluminum foil, fishing wire, scissors, gaffers tape

Step 1: Carefully inflate an orb balloon to full size. The diameter of the orb should be roughly 15”.

Step 2: Use a measuring tape compass to draw a circle with a 15.25” diameter onto a large piece of cardboard. Draw a larger circle centered around the smaller circle with a diameter of 29”.

Step 3: Cut the large circle with an x-acto knife, then cut out the inner circle so you are left with a cardboard ring. Place the ring onto the orb balloon. The ring should just barely be able to slip off the orb. If the ring is still too small, trim a little off the inner circle.

Step 4: Cut thick strips of aluminum foil. Wrap foil around the cardboard ring, making sure to tighten and flatten the foil as you go. The foil will add to the width of the ring so it will stay put on the orb. Repeat until the entire ring is covered. Use a bit of glue to secure any loose foil.

Step 5: Place the ring onto the orb balloon at a slight angle. The ring should sit around the center of the orb. Tie a piece of fishing wire around the balloon tail and tape to the ceiling to hang. Your planet is complete!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

Flying Saucer Favors

Materials Needed: Flying Saucer Printable, cardstock, printer, mirrorboard, pencil, ruler, x-acto knife, hot glue gun, vending machine capsules, tiny alien figures, tape

Step 1: Print out the flying saucer template onto cardstock and cut out.

Step 2: Trace the template onto the back of a sheet of mirrorboard and cut out. Draw the original dotted lines from the template onto the mirrorboard with a pencil and ruler.

Step 3: Lightly score along the pencil lines with an x-acto knife and fold to create crisp folds.

Step 4: Hot glue the end tabs of the top and bottom pieces to form two rings. Then, hot glue half of the tabs of the bottom piece to the top piece.

Step 5: Open up a vending machine capsule and hot glue the top of the alien’s head to the inside of the capsule. Snap the lid on and place into the mirrorboard flying saucer, with the clear side of the capsule sticking out of the opening. Tape the capsule to the inside of the mirrorboard to secure, then hot glue the remaining tabs together. You’re ready to party!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

An Intergalactic NYE Party | Oh Happy Day!

Hope your 2018 is out of this world!

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Crafting by Naomi Julia Satake and Justine Pon

  1. Makenzie

    December 21, 2017

    I love how shiny this party is! And those hoops! They’re out of this world!

  2. Sophie

    December 21, 2017

    I love this! The model’s pants are so cool.

  3. Kari

    December 22, 2017

  4. Tim Laskiss

    December 23, 2017

    Couldn’t love this more. Really really cool.

  5. YASH

    January 1, 2018

    wow, awesome blog. Pictures look stunning. Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us. I appreciate your work. Keep sharing.

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