Oct 6

Evel Knievel Costume

This classic costume is great for people who love being a daredevil. You could also add a bike! See all our other Halloween costume ideas here!

Evel Knievel Costume | Oh Happy Day! Evel Knievel Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Oct 3

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. These are perfect.
2. I saw a sneak peek of this book –  and it’s brilliant.
3. Upgraded snail mail.
4. Who knew that pool toys could make such awesome party decorations?
5. I’m obsessed with this installation.

Oct 3

Sailor Costume

Ahoy mateys! Here’s a fun costume you can easily pull together. Add some arm tattoos and you could double as Popeye. This little sailor is looking forward to catching a big net full of candy! (See more Halloween costumes here.)

Sailor-Costume1 Sailor-Costume2

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Oct 1

Hipster Halloween Costumes: Part 1

Here is another fun Halloween series we did this year: Hipster Halloween Costumes. The Ira Glass one kills me! This is only part one, there are more coming tomorrow! (To see more Halloween costume ideas, click here.)

Hipster Costume | Oh Happy Day! Moonrise Kingdom Costume | Oh Happy Day!Ira Glass Costume | Oh Happy Day!Royal Tenenbaums Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 29

Little Musicians Costume: Part 2

Today is part two of the Musician Costumes! With any luck they won’t break up before Halloween is over. Click through below to see more photos and all the details. (And see Part 1 of our Little Musicians series here!)

Little Musicians Costume: Simon & Garfunkel (Oh Happy Day!) Little Musicians Costume: Willie Nelson (Oh Happy Day!) Little Musicians Costume: Paul McCartney & a Beatles Fan (Oh Happy Day!)

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