Jun 16

Giant Color Fight

We hosted a giant Welcome Summer party at my sister’s house a few weeks ago as part of a campaign for Quaker Chewy. We are going to be sharing all our activities over the next week or so. Today I’m going to talk about the color fight we had. We had one about five years ago and I thought it would be fun to welcome summer with a giant color fight with all the cousins. It was amazing! The kids had so much fun and were thoroughly worn out and dirty afterwards. It was seriously so fun. Below I’ll tell you how we did ours. ps: Check out My sister Design Mom’s post and My Sister in Law Say Yes’ post too!

How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day How to Host a Color Fight | Oh Happy Day

We asked all the kids to wear white and wear clothes and shoes that could get ruined. (We stopped by the thrift store to pick up white tshirts.) The color comes out, mostly but some pieces just didn’t make it through. Better to not wear your favorite shirt. I planned for 1 pound of color per person. You could get by with about a half pound per person if you had a really large group. Our color fight lasted 10-15 minutes with 1 pound per person. It would be shorter with less colors. The colors come from India and the Holi Festival every Spring. Make sure the colors you buy are nontoxic.

Materials Needed:  12 Pounds of HOLI Colors, disposable cups, white clothes, garbage sacks for each person (for the car ride home.)

1. At the beginning we took a picture of the kids all throwing the colors up in the air and after that the color fight was ON! (We also took an “after picture” which was fun to look at the two together.
2. For easier distribution I put all of the colors in compostable cups so the kids could grab them easier. It also helped the fight last longer because they kids kept having to go back to the table to get more. We made a rule you couldn’t throw any colors within 10 feet of the table. We also made a rule you couldn’t hit the little kids in the face with the color (it still ended up everywhere anyway!)
3. After the kids were throughoughly dirty and happy we took a final picture. This activity works best as the final activity just because everyone needs a good bath afterward. We hosed off the kids and then rode home on plastic bags laid on top of the carseats to prevent any staining.

And THAT is how to throw a giant summer color fight. Thanks to Quaker Chewy for hosting and providing all the snacks!

This post is sponsored by Quaker Chewy. Quaker Chewy helps give kids the energy they need to play. That’s why Quaker and NERF are teaming up to fuel backyard fun, helping families get out and get active together, right in their own backyard. When you buy three specially-marked boxes of Quaker Chewy, you can enter the codes online at http://fuelfun.quakeroats.com to get a free Nerf sports item.

quaker chewy

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


Jun 13

Happy Friday + Cake!

This week, we’ve been working on a bunch of fun projects around the studio and it drives me crazy not to share everything instantly. (I have no filter!) Here are a couple shots from a pretty cake and one that got smashed onto my face and ended up on the ground! I’m so happy it’s Friday, I’m spending the next two days packing before I leave to France on Sunday! I’m so excited.  Have a great weekend!

Cake! Cake!

photos from my Instagram

Jun 12

Inside a Pinata

Ha! This made me laugh. Happy Thursday!

Anatomy of a Pinata

by Carmichael Collective

Jun 11

Clothes to Party In No. 12

Yay! It’s time to stock up on summer party clothes! In June, I love refreshing my closet with bright colors and fun prints that I can wear throughout the warmer months.  Here’s an outfit that I found using Chippmunk. Have you guys tried their service yet? It’s the easiest way to find online shopping deals. When I’m online, I just type in the names of my favorite stores and it provides coupons  & links to the best sales. Chippmunk also verifies each code so there aren’t expired coupons on the site. I really love it and use it all the time. (PS – Coupons for Nordstrom, Asos, & J.Crew!)

Clothes to Party In No. 12 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Sunglasses | 2. Jumpsuit | 3. Necklace | 4. Lipstick | 5. Purse | 6. Barrettes | 7. Sneakers

This post is brought to you by Chippmunk: compare deals at the stores you love and see where you save the most!

Jun 6

Happy Friday!

I recently started a Friday Flower Club with a few of my friends. We visit the San Francisco Flower Market early in the morning and then arrange the flowers together over breakfast. I’ve been trying to keep fresh flowers around every week and it’s been so nice to wake up to flowers everyday, they make me so happy. The dinner plate dahlias are so big and beautiful!  I used to have a book club but I stopped going because I never read the book. But this is a club I can get behind. Have a good weekend everybody!

Happy Friday!

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