Aug 5

Screenprinting Craft Weekend

I’m so excited for our Back to School screenprinting weekend event in San Francisco! If you’ve ever wanted to learn about screenprinting now is your chance! We did an event like this in the spring and it was one of my favorite events ever. Here is how it works: you bring as many blank tshirts or totebags as you want (plus Uniqlo is providing a free kids shirt to all attendees) and then we screenprint like crazy for a few hours plus get some instruction on how to do it yourself from our screenprinting expert Andy Kane. Attendees will walk away with piles of new printed items plus a goodie bag of treats. You’ll be all set for the new school year. We are calling this a Back to School Event but of course we plan on printing on adult sized tshirts too. We’ve had four different designers do new designs just for this event: Katy Smail, Wendy MacNaughton, Amanda Jane Jones, and Emily Isabella. I’m so excited to share them today! They are soooo good.

The event will be August 16th and 17th and there are several sessions to choose from. Sign up here!

Oh Happy Day Screenprinting Event


Aug 1

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. The PERFECT summer party backdrop.
2. This wedding left me totally speechless.
3. I’m obsessed with these colors.
4. Such a fun night!
5. OK, these are amazing.

Aug 1

Northern Cities Tour of France

I was invited on a trip by the French Tourism Board to visit some towns in Northern France for a week. It was such a special trip and I feel so grateful I got to go. I was traveling with Nicole, Dave, Carol and Nadia. I arrived at Charles DeGaulle around lunch. France has such a good train infrastructure. It was so easy to get from the airport to Reims because the train station left from the same airport terminal as where my plane landed. The high speed train got us there in less than an hour. So fast! Reims is a very old town in France and is where among other things champagne was invented and is home to the famous Reims cathedral (where most of the French kings were coronated.)  It is beautiful town and there was so much to do.

France Northern Cities Tour | Oh Happy Day

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Jul 30

Craft Night: Calligraphy Class

We had our first craft event of the summer at my studio this last weekend. The first was the calligraphy event sponsored by Bing. My friend Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls taught the class. I love Maybelle’s teaching style and she thinks of every little detail so every little part of the class is so beautiful. She makes everyone a calligraphy starter kit including custom-made ink holders, black ink, a pen holder, nib and a practice book and sheets. (See all the pictures below!) We’ve still got a few spots left in our upcoming Back to School Screenprinting Bonanza! and Woodworking classes!

Craft Night: Calligraphy Class | Oh Happy Day!Craft Night: Calligraphy Class | Oh Happy Day!Craft Night: Calligraphy Class | Oh Happy Day!Craft Night: Calligraphy Class | Oh Happy Day!

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Jul 29

Blue Apron Delivery Service

We tried out Blue Apron Ingredient Delivery Service a couple weeks ago and I am seriously obsessed with it. This is a sponsored post but I promise they aren’t paying me to say that! I feel like it is an answer to my cooking conundrum. My dilemma is that I really love to cook. I usually have my kids help and it’s a really great part of the day for our family. When I have time and am on top of things I also really enjoy meal planning and going to the Farmer’s Market to get groceries. In an ideal world I would do it every week and everything would run smoothly. The problem is if I miss the one day of meal planning or the grocery trip then the entire week is thrown off course and we end up getting take out (which is expensive and is usually not super healthy.) What Blue Apron does is makes a meal plan for you (you get to decide if you want fish, meat or vegetarian etc.) and then they ship the ingredients to you for the week . What I love about it is I still get to cook and have that time with my family but I never have that terrifying moment where I don’t know what to do for dinner and there is no food in the house. I also like that it’s flexible. If we have plans to go out with friends then we can make the meals the next day according to our schedule.

Blue Apron Delivery Service | Oh Happy Day!

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