Feb 28

Giant Fringe Number DIY

At every party I throw, I like to add a little something that wows everyone. Whether it’s a unique backdrop, funny prop, or colorful garland, these additions don’t have to be difficult to make. They should just be bold enough to help the guests remember the event. I love this giant fringe number because it has the look of a pinata but takes 1/10th of the time. I also like that it makes a big impact. The whole project took a little more than an hour and all the supplies were things I already had in my party closet which makes things easy if you like to do things last minute like I do.

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Oct 9

Big Fringe Garlands

Here  is a party idea that could be used for decoration, a photobooth, or even hung as a garlands. Big curtains of fringe make a huge impact and are so easy to make. Click through here to find the easy step-by-step instructions.

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Jun 19

DIY Giant Fringe Garland

by Jenny Batt

Usually we see miniature versions of all of our favorite things, used on cakes or as toppers. Cute and adorable and tiny. Let’s rebel a little. Heard the phrase, “Go big or go home?” That’s exactly what I wanted to do for my brother’s birthday. He always lives life with gusto and adventure. His favorite color is blue but traditional festooning seemed so tiny. So I took few folds of crepe paper and we had a big and bold party decoration that is as awesome as he is.

DIY Giant Fringe Garland | Oh Happy Day!

You will need (for one 7.5 foot garland): 4 folds of crepe paper, stapler, scissors

Take your crepe paper out of the packages and cut in half. You will now have 8 pieces.

Unroll each layer and center it on top of each other on a large flat surface. Straighten and line up edges. Don’t worry about the ends you will trim them later. Fold all the layers in half lengthwise. Crease firmly with your finger.

Staple along the entire folded edge. Trim ends even. Cut fringe, about 1 inch in width, down the length of the garland on the bottom edge. Use your thumbs to stretch each section of fringe with your hands. Separate and fluff.

Stand up and twist the garland in one direction. This is a lot of twisting. Use your fingers to twist along the folded edge in between the fringe layers. There is a lot of twisting, fluffing, and pulling apart of the fringe. You can crinkle it lightly too. The toughest part of this DIY is the fluffing of the fringe. It is super simple, but it takes a while if you want it extra fluffy, not a long while, but about 20-30 minutes for the garland. Luckily, once you fluff it, it is ready to go for any more parties in the future.

Hang or drape as desired. You can add twine or string to the ends and staple on. This garland is roughly 10 inches wide, that’s incredibly bigger than your usual tissue fringe. These would be equally great as a backdrop for a photobooth or dessert table. I’ll be pairing mine with giant balloons for the “go BIG” theme of my bro’s birthday. This garland makes me smile also because he is my little brother, but at 6 foot 2, I always laugh when I introduce him when he is standing next to me and my not so tall 5 foot 5.

Sep 27

Fringe Garlands at a Wedding

Anjali sent over these beautiful photos of her wedding where she used my fringey garlands to make a gorgeous blue backdrop. I love it! The wedding looked beautiful! A big congratulations Anjali and Rob! See the rest of the pictures on the photographer’s site: Christina Richards. ps: Find my tutorial for making the fringe garlands right here.

photos by Christina Richards

Apr 20

DIY: Fringey Monogram

Today’s post is by the talented Michaela of Blissful Fetes. This idea is so versatile and would work great with letters or numbers.

Hi readers of Oh Happy Day! I’ve been following Jordan’s blog for years and I feel so very honored and excited to be sharing this DIY project with your here today. The idea is based on Jordan’s fringey streamers – I planned to use them as decor for my daughter’s 2nd birthday parties and was looking for other decor elements to match. I’m usually all about the cute, small details, but this time I decided to go for a big impact.

Here’s what you need:

– crepe paper sheets (I used 5 full sheets for this one)
– painter’s tape or masking tape
– scissors
– paper glue
– chalk or pencil to draw the outlines
– an empty wall, preferably not covered with delicate wallpaper

Start by sketching the outlines of the number or letter onto the wall. I used brown chalk that will come off easily. A pencil would work, too – just test it before.

Cut the crepe paper into strips just like you’d do for the fringey streamers – only a bit wider. Cut into it from both sides as shown in Jordan’s tutorial.

Open the crepe strip and fold it in half as shown below, leaving the lower side slightly longer than the top one. Now you can start sticking it onto the wall, into the sketched shape. Start with the very bottom of the shape. Attach it with pieces of painter’s tape – these will come off very easily when you take the decor down (to make sure, also test this before).

Around the corners, cut off overlapping parts of the crepe paper to fit the sketched shape. Layer strip after strip using the same technique.

Instead of using tape, you need to attach the top crepe paper strips with paper glue, in order to end up with a neat shape. You probably don’t want to stick the glue directly onto your wall, so stick a row of tape underneath following the outline of the sketch. Then simply attach a strip of paper to it as shown in the picture.

Layer strips to fill the entire shape, change the color of paper as often as you like. A rainbow colored number might look great! Remember to always start from the bottom corner.

This is not a super quick project, but soon enough you’re done! This 5″10 tall number 2 took me about 1.5 hours including the time to take the pictures for this tutorial.

The leftover sheets you can cut into confetti. The crepe paper makes it very light and fluttery.
Ella loved the confetti mess in the living room!

All photos by Michaela for Oh Happy Day