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Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!

Ok. To be fair, we’re nearly all Millennials here at Oh Happy Day. Today we thought we’d poke a little fun at all those stereotypes of our generation and make a party theme of it! A little self-awareness never hurt anyone. Read on for our ideas and DIYs!

Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!  | Oh Happy Day!

Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!  | Oh Happy Day!

Have a little champagne with that participation trophy. We made one of these champagne flutes for each of the table settings — because here, everyone’s a winner! Get more mileage out of your rosé with this super cute rosé punch recipe from Design Love Fest. Turns out you can get those champagne dreams on that punch bowl budget.

Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!  | Oh Happy Day!

Materials: Award cup trophy, pink spray paint, plastic champagne flutes (these with removable stems), hot glue gun, light pink cardstock, scissor, pencil

Step 1: Start by painting the award cups in a light pink color. To get the best result make a thin even layer and let it dry. Add more layers until you have a nice, even finish.

Step 2: Take the cup of a champagne plastic flute and add hot glue in the bottom. You’ll want a flute with a removable stem. Stick the flute inside of the award cup and let set completely.

Step 3: Print out a starburst medallion with “You Tried” written in the middle. Attach to the center of the award cup. You’re done!

Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!  | Oh Happy Day!

Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!  | Oh Happy Day!

Don’t forget to include avocado toast in your spread! Your guests can keep the $19 they would’ve had to spend on their toast and put that in a piggy bank toward that future homeFor some after meal fun, break out the boardgames: try Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme? to keep with the theme. Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the party!

Millennial Party Ideas: Part One!  | Oh Happy Day!

Crafting by Ida Olmers
Photography & Styling by Naomi Julia Satake

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  1. Jossie Michel Segura

    May 3, 2018

    la la love this!

  2. Eva

    May 3, 2018

    Haha absolutely hilarious!! The avocado toast really nailed it!

    Eva |

  3. Amanda

    May 6, 2018

    I LOVE this. Where are the white stools from?

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