Mar 24

Confetti Systems

These photos of the Confetti Systems work studio are stunning. I love paper. I really can’t think of anything prettier. (By the way Sight Unseen is such a fantastic site.)

via Wren Handmade


Dec 9

Confetti System

Really, these are exactly what my dreams look like.

Jan 27

Confetti System

These are the most beautiful Pinatas I’ve ever seen. I want to plan a party around one of these gorgeous things.

Dec 11

Crepe Paper Swirlers

by Kathleen Ballos

These DIY crepe paper swirlers are really simple to make, but they are so fun to play with! If you like taking pictures while waving sparklers around, these are a good indoor alternative. I made these with New Years Eve in mind, but I think they’d be fun for any party. You could even make some matching confetti throwers!

Crepe Paper Swirlers | Oh Happy Day!Crepe Paper Swirlers | Oh Happy Day!Crepe Paper Swirlers | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions …


Dec 3

iRobot Roomba Giveaway!

Well it’s almost 2015 and I don’t have a hoverboard (as promised by movies from the 80’s) but I have the next best thing: a robot that cleans for me. Today, I’m partnering with iRobot to give one away! We keep our Roomba in our studio and after we are done crafting for the day we pick up the big pieces of cardboard and then the Roomba gets to work. I love coming into the studio every morning to a clean floor. The Roomba is super advanced, it gets to all those hard-to-reach places and passes over every section of the floor until it’s totally clean. I love that I can multitask: the Roomba keeps cleaning while I run errands. iRobot also sells robots that can scrub & mop your floors, clean out your gutters, and even clean your pool. To see the Roomba in action, click here! Now I just need a robot that can bring me a root beer float every night and I’m all set.

(PS – Make sure you click through below for your chance to win a brand new Roomba 880 – worth $700!)

Confetti | Oh Happy Day!Win a Roomba on Oh Happy Day!

Click through to win a Roomba 880 for yourself!