Clothes To Party In No. 8

by Alison Piepmeyer

When it comes to planning Halloween costumes for myself, I’m the worst: I always leave it to the last minute and have to pull something together using pieces I already have in my closet. This fall, I’ve been eyeing a leopard print coat to add to my wardrobe. I figure it can be dual purposed as a simple Halloween costume! Pairing it with a cat ear headband and classic cat eye makeup, I’d be one pretty kitty. Happy Halloween! (PS – For more Clothes To Party In posts, click here!)

Clothes to Party In No. 8 | Oh Happy Day!

A. Black Bob Wig | B. Leopard Print Coat | C. Nail Glaze | D. Cat Eye Makeup | E. Cat Ears Headband | F. Ankle Boot with Metal Heel | G. Eternity Scarf

Halloween Whites

by Casey Baudoin

I love the classic orange and black for Halloween, but how about an all white Halloween party this year?  Bones, mummies, and ghosts can help do the trick!  Give your guests the fun challenge of finding an all white costume to dress up in.

Halloween Whites | Oh Happy Day!

1. bone chandelier  2. mask  3. straws  4. ghost cookies  5. mummy pumpkin

Homemade Halloween Mr. Rogers Costume

Here’s an easy and inexpensive idea for a Halloween costume. My friend Fergi came across a few vintage hand puppets at a thrift store and knew they’d be the perfect accessory for Mr. Rogers. The idea is great for little kids who aren’t that excited about dressing up yet – and you can probably use clothing items they already have in their closet. I’ve found that Etsy and Ebay have vintage puppets for sale – or you could always take a chance with your local Goodwill. See all our Homemade Halloween Costumes right here

Homemade Halloween Mr. Rogers Costume | Oh Happy Day!Homemade Halloween Mr. Rogers Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Homemade Halloween Photobooth Strip Costume

Here’s a really quick and easy Halloween costume idea – especially if you have access to a photobooth in your area. We had Moses put on a wig and take some fun shots in the photobooth. Then we blew up the strip at Kinkos and glued it to big piece of cardboard. We cut out the photo second from the top so that he had the perfect spot to place his face. For Halloween, he just has to wear the same shirt he wore in the booth along with the wig and hold up the strip while he walks. So much fun!

Homemade Halloween Photobooth Strip CostumeHomemade Halloween Photobooth Strip Costume | Oh Happy Day!

All photography by Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids Photography for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction & Styling by Fergi Johnson for Oh Happy Day

Mini Ghost Piñatas DIY

By Kathleen Ballos

When I look back at the Halloweens of my childhood, I’d have to admit that the candy was my favorite part. Costumes and decorations came in a close second, but I can’t deny that I had (and still have) a crazy sweet tooth. With that in mind, I’m always looking for fun ways to add more candy to the Halloween festivities, and what better way to do that than with these mini ghost piñatas? Adorable hung in groups or individually, you could even hand these out as loot bags for your Halloween party this year!

Mini Ghost Piñatas DIY | Oh Happy Day!Mini Ghost Piñatas DIY | Oh Happy Day! Mini Ghost Piñatas DIY | Oh Happy Day!