Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks + Playful Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of  Merrilee Liddiard and was so excited to buy her new book, Playful. (Get it here.) It is such a great craft book! It’s filled with fun DIYs & crafts that you can make together with your kids. I bought two copies(!) and it’s completely beautiful. Today Merrilee is sharing these cat and pumpkin plate masks for Halloween that are inspired by the projects in her new book Today, we’re giving away 2 copies of Playful for Oh Happy Day readers. Make sure you click through below for all the contest details and to see the instructions for these funny little masks!

Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks | Oh Happy Day!Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks | Oh Happy Day!Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for Merrilee’s instructions and contest details!


10 Halloween DIY Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite Halloween DIY ideas from the archives. If you want to host a party, there’s still plenty of time!

Halloween DIY Ideas | Oh Happy Day!

1. Mini Ghost Pinatas | 2. Halloween Cake Topper | 3. Chalkboard Haunted House | 4. Spider Pinata | 5. Spider Surprise Balls | 6. Pom Pom Bat Cupcake Topper | 7. Spiderweb Cake Topper | 8. Spooky Owl Treat Boxes | 9. Spooky Eye Gift Bags | 10. Bat Candy Favors

UFO Costume

Here’s the last costume in our Homemade Halloween series this year: a UFO! Don’t get scared if you see her spinning around your neighborhood on October 31. We want to say a huge thanks for everyone one who helped make these a possibility – especially my friend Fergi who styled everything! See all 30 of our 2014 costumes here.

UFO Costume | Oh Happy Day! UFO Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Printable Ghost Treat Box

by Alix Sorrell

Not all things on Halloween need to be scary. Silly works just as well! Amuse your friends or kids with these goofy ghost treat boxes. These are perfect packaging for jelly beans, sixlets, or any other small candy. You’ll definitely make someone giggle when they open this box! (P.S. check out more homemade Halloween ideas here).

Printable Ghost Treat Box | Oh Happy Day! Printable Ghost Treat Box | Oh Happy Day! Printable Ghost Treat Box | Oh Happy Day!

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Steve Urkel Costume

Did I do that?? We had so much fun with this one and it’s really easy to pull together from things you have at home. Just make sure you have some retro glasses and suspenders and you’re good to go! It also might help if you’re extra clumsy that night. See all our Halloween costumes here.

steve-urkel-costume1 steve-urkel-costume2

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