Jul 2

How to Search for an Airbnb in Paris

I love using Airbnb when I travel for so many reasons but this is especially true in Paris. The hotel rooms in Paris tend to be teeny-tiny so getting an apartment is a way better value. If you haven’t traveled much in Europe the idea of staying in a flat vs. a hotel can seem strange (I had to talk my sister into it recently) but it’s how most people travel in Europe. I lived in Paris for a year and a half and my friends are always asking me to help them choose an Airbnb so I thought I would do a post on how to choose an Airbnb Flat in Paris.  I actually just returned from a trip to Paris and we stayed in the most beautiful Airbnb flat. (Of course there are lots of great neighborhoods but for the sake of this post I’m going to narrow it down to my three favorites.)

How to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy DayHow to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy DayHow to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy DayHow to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy Day

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Jul 1

Paul Ferney + Furbish Studio

Paul Ferney just did a pop up shop with Furbish Studio of beach scenes. It just started today! They are going quick so go here to see!

Paul Ferney + Furbish Studio

Paul Ferney + Furbish Studio

Jun 27

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

1. Such pretty wrapped treats!
2. LOVE this rad Pantone backdrop.
3. Wouldn’t this be great for an outdoor dinner party??
4. I can’t get enough of these letters.
5. Obsessed with these colors!

Jun 25

Bubble Relay Race

We hosted a “Welcome Summer”party a few weeks ago as part of a Quaker Chewy campaign. I already shared a post about the Color Fight and today I’m sharing photos from our bubble relay race. We split all the kids into teams and had them race across the grass doing the crab walk. The twist is I set up 4 bubble machines to create a giant tunnel of bubbles to race through. After the races in turned into the kids just chasing bubbles around (the little ones got a little distracted-ha!) Don’t miss my Sister Design Mom’s post & My Sister in Law Say Yes’ post too!

Bubble Relay Race | Oh Happy Day!Bubble Relay Race | Oh Happy Day!Bubble Relay Race | Oh Happy Day!Bubble Relay Race | Oh Happy Day!Bubble Relay Race | Oh Happy Day!

This post is sponsored by Quaker Chewy. Quaker Chewy helps give kids the energy they need to play. That’s why Quaker and NERF are teaming up to fuel backyard fun, helping families get out and get active together, right in their own backyard. When you buy three specially-marked boxes of Quaker Chewy, you can enter the codes online at http://fuelfun.quakeroats.com to get a free Nerf sports item.

quaker chewy

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

Jun 24

Gift Tag Inspiration

Gift tags are sometimes an after thought but these are so pretty that they actually might steal the show. What are your favorites? (PS- Wrapping inspiration & envelope inspiration.)

Gift Tag Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1. Graphic Gems | 2. Parcel Tag Trio Box | 3. Face Gift Cards | 4. Paper Embellishment Gift Tags | 5. Chart Gift Tags | 6. Watercolor Gift Tags | 7. Masters Gift Tag Set | 8. Printable Tags | 9. Confetti Gift Tags | 10. Neon Sketch Gift Tags