Mar 21

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. I’m so happy it’s springtime! Love these pretty wrapping ideas by House That Lars Built.
2. Oh Joy‘s garden party looked so dreamy! Have you stopped by Target to see her new party line yet?
3. My sister and her family threw the best birthday party for Roman!
4. This is such a genius idea wedding favors!
5. The prettiest cake! I want all my food to be covered in edible flowers.


Mar 20

Craft Night Mailing List

Happy Spring Everyone!!! Several people have asked for information on how to sign up for upcoming Craft Night events. So we decided to get legit and started an email list. Just fill in the details below and you’ll be the first to know about the events (even get early access to sign up!)

Happy Spring

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Mar 19

Craft Night: Necklace Class

Last week we held our first Craft Night in our new studio. I was excited to see how it would all work in the new space. I taught the first class on how to make beads from materials found at the hardware store (like hardwoods and brass and copper pipes.) It was a super fun group of people and we had so much fun making necklaces. At the beginning of class we did introductions and I showed everyone my favorite features of Bing. I love the image search so we looked for color inspiration online and then got to work painting our beads. (ps: the travel search is the BEST.)  A huge thank you to all of the sponsors who donated items to our goodie bags! They were awesome (see below.)

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!

We served creme brulee from The Creme Brulee Cart during the event so everyone could snack while they crafted. It was SO good!

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!

Projecteo sent over a bunch of their tiny Instagram projectors for all attendees! These things are super fun to play with – they project images from your Instagram feed onto the wall! They came with a reel of some of my favorite photos. But everyone also got a voucher to order a reel from their own Instagram feed.

Oh Happy Day Craft Nights!

Cute Tape supplied everyone with a roll of washi tape and an awesome camera dispenser. They’re the perfect desk accessory!


Chronicle Books sent us these Polaroid Love Notes. All of the images on the cards are so beautiful.  They’re almost too pretty to give away (I might keep them all for myself!)


And Meri Meri (one of my long-term sponsors) gave each attendee their Toot Sweet Aqua Striped Napkins & Plates. I love that these look like circus tents! They’re perfect for any special occasion.


We’d like to say a huge thank you for everyone who attended – and to all of our wonderful sponsors! I’ll be sharing more about our screenprinting event later next week. We’re also hoping to announce more upcoming craft nights soon. So stay tuned!!


This post is sponsored by Bing.

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Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day
Cute Tape & Meri Meri Photos by Ashley Batz for Oh Happy Day

Mar 14

Marathon Training

When I was 18 I trained and ran two marathons. Since then I’ve signed up for six different marathons but have not run any of them. Paul says I’m really good at signing up for marathons but less good at training for them. I start out with good intentions but then real life competes with the discipline and time it takes to train for a marathon and real life always wins. If you saw my New Year Resolutions this year I decided to train for the Big Sur marathon. 26.2 Miles! I’m about halfway through my training and some mornings it has taken every bit of willpower to get out of bed and train but I’ve actually been doing it. This last weekend I ran 16 miles and felt really great. I would say my biggest motivator and the key to my success this time around is I am running for charity. I’m raising $2500 for Doctors Without Borders. I feel so accountable to this commitment I’ve made and with the support of my family and friends I know I can’t let people down. It is the thing that gets me out of bed early in the morning. I’ve raised 60% of my goal but still have a ways to go. If you are able, please consider making a donation to my marathon training. I will be forever indebted. All proceeds go directly to Doctors without Borders and will help me accomplish my goal.


photo from one of my training runs.

Feb 28

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. This breakfast food installation by Photojojo is amazing!!!
2. I love these pretty party cups.
3. A genius idea for a birthday surprise!
4. Alison nailed the concept for her Alt party.
5. I’m obsessed with these giant paper flowers.