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Getting strong Wi-Fi across your house shouldn’t be that hard but it’s something we’ve struggled with for a while. We tried several different extenders and they “kind of” work. Well Google Wifi is here to change all that. They make it super easy to set up a strong Wi-Fi signal across your apartment. We set it up in Alison’s gorgeous home last month and here is Alison’s story:

We moved into our one-bedroom apartment in Hayes Valley about a year ago. I keep telling my husband that I want this to be our ‘grown-up’ apartment, which basically means I want it to feel finished and styled and NOT like we’re still in college (aka: nice furniture, art on the walls, plants that we actually keep alive, etc.) Although it still feels like it won’t be totally finished for a while, we’ve slowly been making progress, and it’s been fun to see our design aesthetic develop.

Oh Happy Day!

One thing that’s been challenging is getting a strong Wi-Fi signal. We have a crazy-long San Francisco hallway, and the router needs to go somewhere in the middle. I want everything in the house to be beautiful and routers are typically not. I always hide it behind a curtain or a chair in a less obvious space, but then the Wi-Fi doesn’t reach our whole house: one part of our apartment has great Wi-Fi, but the rest of the place has none.

So I was really excited to try Google Wifi because a) it’s not an eyesore and looks great alongside all my other accessories and b) it has multiple Wifi points so every part of your house is covered. That means, I can work on my computer on the couch, at the kitchen table, or (let’s be honest) BED and still always have access to super fast Wi-Fi. We’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now and it’s awesome!

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

This post is sponsored by Google Wifi.

Styling by Amy Moss & Alison Piepmeyer

  1. Jessica

    December 19, 2016

    First of, amazing home! I love everything.

    I do struggle with wifi at home as well so this might help, thank you x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  2. Michelle

    December 19, 2016

    We use a wifi repeater in our home, but these are so chic!

  3. Naomi

    December 20, 2016

    I thought you bought a house in SF like a couple of years ago, no?

  4. Kari Thorson

    December 21, 2016

    What a beautiful home!

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