Jul 8


Gorman is an Australian brand that makes colorful and fun clothing. (If you follow my instagram then you know I’m a huge Gorman fan, they make all of my favorite dresses.) I was introduced to them last year and my husband jokes I should have a direct deposit to them because that’s where I spend all my money anyway. I love that their stuff is so different and they have great prints and cuts. They recently launched a line of homegoods and it’s so good I can’t believe it. How amazing is that eye plate? The shipping from Australia is totally fast and not too expensive. If you are shopping for clothes make sure you get the right size in Australian sizing (this sizing chart was accurate for me.) They also have amazing sales. I follow them on Facebook and Instagram and get great deals on their dresses.) Have you ever heard of Gorman?



1. Fruit Bowl | 2. Hexagon Pillow | 3. Clove Soap | 4. Eye Platter | 5. Pillowcases | 6. Sheet Set | 7. Jug | 8. Mugs

This post is sponsored by Gorman. One of my favorite companies in the world.


Jul 7

Handmade Confetti and DIY Confetti Throwers

Sometimes store bought confetti doesn’t come in the right colors for the party we are having, in that case we make our own handmade confetti. It is really easy to make, I just throw on a movie while I cut. For this project I used a trick I learned in Paris where you just fill a plastic tube with confetti and hand them out to all your guests. With just a flick of the wrist the confetti propels out of the tube and goes everywhere. Perfect for surprise parties or weddings! The tissue paper at Paper Mart has always been my favorite. It comes in the best colors and is so affordable.

DIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy Day!DIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayDIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayDIY Confetti Throwers | Oh Happy DayBest Tissue Paper Source | Oh Happy Day

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Jul 3

Taking Pictures on the Fourth with Your Phone

Add more pop to your fireworks with Popchips! They are perfect for your 4th of July barbecue! Popchips contain all the flavor of fried chips and half the fat and is introducing new share bags with 15% more to love and share with friends and family.

Besides the barbeques and parades and spending time with family my favorite thing about 4th of July is taking pictures with smokebombs and sparklers! I think I have some version of them every year going back 7 years.  It’s seriously my favorite thing! We are doing a campaign with Popchips for 4th of July and thought we’d give some tips on how to do this for all your Instagram photos. The smoke bomb photos are pretty straight forward but the sparkler photos get a little technical (but still totally doable!) Find all the details below.

Taking Smokebomb Photos | PopchipsTaking Smokebomb Photos | PopchipsTaking Smokebomb Photos | PopchipsTaking Smokebomb Photos | PopchipsTaking Smokebomb Photos | Popchips

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Jul 3

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. These are soooo perfect for summer movie nights.
2. You still have time to make these last-minute 4th of July treats!
3. The prettiest summer cake. Ever.
4. I wouldn’t mind coming home to this!
5. I love free printable wrapping paper, especially when it’s awesome.

Jul 2

How to Search for an Airbnb in Paris

I love using Airbnb when I travel for so many reasons but this is especially true in Paris. The hotel rooms in Paris tend to be teeny-tiny so getting an apartment is a way better value. If you haven’t traveled much in Europe the idea of staying in a flat vs. a hotel can seem strange (I had to talk my sister into it recently) but it’s how most people travel in Europe. I lived in Paris for a year and a half and my friends are always asking me to help them choose an Airbnb so I thought I would do a post on how to choose an Airbnb Flat in Paris.  I actually just returned from a trip to Paris and we stayed in the most beautiful Airbnb flat. (Of course there are lots of great neighborhoods but for the sake of this post I’m going to narrow it down to my three favorites.)

How to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy DayHow to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy DayHow to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy DayHow to find an AIRBNB in Paris | Oh Happy Day

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