Sep 16

Carmen Miranda Costume

Today we’re continuing our Homemade Halloween series with a costume inspired by Carmen Miranda. This is really easy to make from items you can find at a thrift store. We made the headdress using plastic fruit that we hot glued to a paper bowl. I think this costume would be a great idea for adults too. Find full instructions below and click here for the whole series.

Carmen Miranda Costume | Oh Happy Day! Carmen Miranda Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 15

Spaceman Costume

Fall is here and Halloween season is upon us! Every year we do a Homemade Halloween costume series and this year I asked my friend Fergi Johnson to put it together. Most of the items can found at the drug store or thrift store so they are simple and affordable to put together.  P.S. – for more Homemade Halloween costume ideas click here!

Spaceman Costume | Oh Happy Day!Spaceman Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 12

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Wouldn’t these make a great garland?
2. So beautiful.
3. Love the way these turned out.
4. Such an easy idea for favors.
5. This made us laugh.

Sep 9

Best Red Lipsticks

Last month I realized I had lost my favorite red lipstick (Illamasqua Maneater) and when I went to buy a new one I found out Sephora had stopped carrying it. I spent some time trying to hunt it down before finally admitting to myself that I needed to find a new signature red lipstick. Red lipstick is one of my favorite topics so I thought it would be a fun opportunity to do some research and find out our favorites.  We asked for reccomendations on Instagram and Facebook and then went shopping. We tried 40 different lipsticks, everything from drugstore brands to makeup counter brands and even tried a few high-end designer brands. Here is what we found out. Click through for our list of 12 Best Lipsticks


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Sep 9

Refresh Your Room Contest!

I’ve been a huge Method fan for years. I use their products every single day. So I was thrilled when they approached me about partnering together for the launch of their new Air Refreshers line at Target. The scents are all awesome and actually smell like things you’d find in nature. Plus, they use a new pressurized air technology that doesn’t use petroleum-based propellant like most other air fresheners. The formula is totally non-toxic and free of dirty ingredients.  To celebrate the launch, we’re giving ONE Oh Happy Day reader that chance to refresh a room in their own home with a $1,000 gift card to Target + the chance to sample all 5 of the new Air Refresher fragrances. Click through below to find out how you can win!


Click through to find out how you can win a $1,000 Target gift card!