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Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

I’m constantly looking for small gifts that work for an Advent Countdown or Tooth Fairy. I like little toys that can be collected or stored together, especially toys that have a classic or vintage feel. I also don’t want things my kids will play for five minutes and quickly end up in the garbage. I keep a stash of these types of toys and prizes in my closet and am surprised how often they save me in a pinch. (On top of a birthday present, as a reward to honor a special day, and I’ve even wrapped several of them up as a big present–when I forgot to buy a birthday gift for their friend’s birthday party.) They are usually inexpensive and come in multiples so the key is to buy a stash then keep them hidden and locked up so they feel like a new surprise. Since we’re heading into the holiday season I thought I would do a round up. (Candy is easy to add so I kept this round up to strictly non-food items.) Click on each item below for the post or see these ideas and more in our OHD Stocking Stuffer section.

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Easy on the Halloween Eyes

I just decorated the house for Halloween. Even though I’ve ran a crafting and party blog for years I feel like I’ve only gotten on the Halloween decorating bandwagon the last few years (The cobbler’s child has no shoes.) I’m still pretty low key so I thought I would share my easy festive decorations.

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