Q&A with Billy

The best party I’ve ever been to was…

A surprise party my boyfriend threw for me with all my friends, mainly because it was a perfect, legit surprise even though him cooking a lot of food and making me keep my pants on inside my own home should’ve been a tip off.

Best Dance Party Song…

When I’m by myself: Walk Away – Kelly Clarkson
When my dancing might be visible: Somebody Loves You – Betty Who

The one crafting item I could never live without is…

FrogTape painter’s tape, which idk maybe isn’t exactly a craft item but you can buy it at Michael’s so we’re establishing it here as a craft item. I use it for everything from holding together photo setups to labeling spice jars.

Best Cure for a creative block:

Either flipping through old issues of food magazines or just wandering around a grocery store. Also keeping a list of all the ideas that I get randomly helps a lot when I think I don’t have any ideas but really there’s a bank of half good ones I can piece together.

Sweet or Savory?

Sweet. 4evr & alwayz.

Favorite Holiday?

Thanksgiving. I love cooking large meals for family but also love a good excuse to eat until I can’t feel my face anymore.‚Äč

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