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In My Easter Basket

I love curating Easter Baskets for my kids but this holiday always sneaks up on me in a stressful way. Here are some of my picks for this year. See all of our Easter Baskets picks right here.



DIY Eye Masks

This post is sponsored by Brother USA.

Ok, it’s March again (how?!), which means we’re a year into this pandemic and all the daily stresses that have come with it— honestly, that’s a lot. Consider this post a reminder that it’s ok to take some time to recharge however you need to. To celebrate National Craft Month (and more importantly, relaxation), we made these cheeky eye masks using craft tools from Brother. Read on to get crafting, and/or pull the covers back over your head—absolutely no judgement here.

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I love LOVE.

For all you lovers of love out there. See all our love-inspired picks here.

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1. CHECKERS SET / Cutest checkers set we’ve ever seen in a Valentine-y coral.
2. HEART NAPKINS / Ordering these napkins for Valentine’s Day breakfast!
4. MINI HEART WAFFLE MAKER / I actually hate random kitchen accessories but I’m putting this purchase squarely in the category of “I’m a fun mom.” And then I can pull it out every year.
5. HEART CRAYONS / Pretty sure I had these stackable heart crayons when I was a kid.
6. HEART STICKY NOTES / Sticky notepad! For all your love notes.
7. CHOCOLATE BANANA / This is a chocolate banana! I’m delighted by this Warhol-esque edible banana. I am buying a dozen and giving them to everyone.
8. FAUX FUR SLIPPERS / Because we are never leaving the house.
9. HEART PURSE / My child is obsessed with purses.
10. HEART SPONGE / If you’re gonna clean, you might as well make it cute.
11. I LOVE NY SHOPPER / A reusable heart bag for your favorite New Yorker.
12. I LIKE YOU BOOK / This book is one of my favorite gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.
13. HEART ANTENNAS / Another thing I would buy just to bring joy for the day. (Pull it out every year and re-gift to make it look like you tried!)
14. ART AND KISSES PLATTER / Love this new collab.
15. HEART STRESS TOY / For your heartbreak.
16. HEART STICKER LABELS / I love these because you can add them everywhere and voila! Instant Valentine decor!
18. HEART BUTTON CARDIGAN / Love the tiny detail.

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