Oct 16

Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks + Playful Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of  Merrilee Liddiard and was so excited to buy her new book, Playful. (Get it here.) It is such a great craft book! It’s filled with fun DIYs & crafts that you can make together with your kids. I bought two copies(!) and it’s completely beautiful. Today Merrilee is sharing these cat and pumpkin plate masks for Halloween that are inspired by the projects in her new book Today, we’re giving away 2 copies of Playful for Oh Happy Day readers. Make sure you click through below for all the contest details and to see the instructions for these funny little masks!

Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks | Oh Happy Day!Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks | Oh Happy Day!Cat & Pumpkin Paper Plate Masks | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for Merrilee’s instructions and contest details!



Sep 30

Paper Gemstone Crown

by Kitiya Palaskas

Here’s a fun and sparkly accessory that’s perfect for all of those upcoming holiday parties! I made mine out of various shades of gold paper – but it would be fun to experiment with different colors of the rainbow. To start this easy project, use our template to make a bunch of paper gemstones. Then attach them a headband using hot glue. Voila – an easy and fun twist on the traditional party hat!

Paper Gemstone Crown | Oh Happy Day!Paper Gemstone Crown | Oh Happy Day!

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Mar 15

Leprechaun Disguise DIY

I’ve asked a few friends to contribute to Oh Happy Day as columnists. I have so many talented friends that I want to introduce to the internet. Well internet, it is your lucky day. Meet Fergi, one of my favorite people in the entire world. Besides being genuine, humble, nice and the Queen of Thrift Stores, Fergi is beautiful talented, and has a dry sarcasm that makes me laugh so hard every time I talk to her. Welcome Fergi!
Hello, Fergi here. We don’t usually do much for St. Patrick’s Day at our house other than wear green but, every holiday I think should incorporate costumes. So if you’re in need of a leprechaun disguise for St. Patricks Day, I have just the ticket. Here’s my step-by-steps.

Materials Needed: Dowel, cardstock, red crepe paper, origami paper, scissors, glue, tape.

Step 1 Get a very cute little person. (I have the perfect one.) Then get a piece of cardstock and fold it. Hold it up to the little person and draw half a beard.

Step 2 Unfold it and cut it out. Don’t forget to cut a hole for the mouth. PRO TIP: Use green scissors, it’s just so much luckier.

Step 3 Using Jordan’s Crepe Paper Fringey-Fringe glue rows of leprechaun beard hair all over your paper beard cut out. Then attach it to a stick (or tie it on with string!)

Step 4 Make a bow tie. I used origami paper. Just pinch the paper in the middle and fasten it with a small paper band and glue.

Step 5 Dress up your little person with vintage leprechaun-type clothes. PRO TIP: Bribe that little person to hold still while you get some photos for the blog.

Fergi Johnson owns liddle a vintage clothing shop for kids.
(Editor’s Note: Check out Fergi’s Etsy Shop where she sells the most amazing vintage kids clothing. Plus everything is ridiculously underpriced!)

Oct 30

Halloween Part 2

Costumes that make me happy: Brooke and Christian as a washer and dryer. Marta as Van Gogh. Jihan as Frida. And my cute nieces and nephews in Halloween Classics.