Mar 2

Printable Leprechaun Mini-Cupcake Toppers

by Alix Sorrell

Prepare to “charm” all your friends this year with these adorable leprechaun mini-cupcake toppers. These easy to make toppers are the perfect last minute addition to a St. Patrick’s Day party and are a creative way to dress up anything with frosting. No one will be able to resist these bearded silly treats!

Printable Leprechaun Mini-Cupcake Toppers | Oh Happy Day!

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Feb 27

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. This gift wrap is totally GENIUS.
2. You had me at “kiss.”
3. Pretty!
4. Wow. I want to dance under this wedding installation.
5. These make me excited about summer!

Feb 26

Clown Cupcake Toppers DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

These adorable cupcake toppers are perfect for a carnival or circus themed birthday party. Or, by using different colored cupcake wrappers, they can be customized to go with a sweet baby shower. Guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Clown Cupcake Toppers DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Feb 25

Gold Party

It gets to that point when your children are old enough to know to ask for cartoon parties (ie: Ninja Turtles or Spiderman.)  So this year when my son uncharacteristically asked for a “Golden Party” I took the theme and ran with it before he could change his mind.

Gold Party | Oh Happy Day!

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Feb 24

Easy Guest Gift Bags

I hosted some friends in Palm Springs for my birthday this year and I wanted to put together a little gift bag for guests. We ended up making these tote bags that came together really easily last minute. I thought I would share more details here since I think they would work well for favors or even weddings if your guest list was small enough.

Easy Guest Gift Bags | Oh Happy Day!

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