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Snowman Place Cards DIY

This year, enlist some snowmen to direct your guests to their spots at your holiday table. These guys, with their eyes made out of coal, and jaunty stovepipe hats, will charm everyone as they sit down. Use a scrap of cloth, tissue paper, or even piece of a printed napkin for the scarf, if you don’t have any bits of crepe paper. Best news – they won’t melt! Happy Holidays!

Snowman Place Cards DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Printable Iron-On Holiday Bags

The winter holiday season is just around the corner so it’s time to get ready for some gift giving! Luckily, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. These iron-on holiday muslin bags are great for even the smallest gifts. Fill them with candy or other small treats to give to your kids or co-workers. They are easy to make and will get you right into the holiday spirit!

Printable Iron-On Holiday Bags | Oh Happy Day!

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