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Painted Ladies Halloween Costume

At any given moment you will find dozens of tourists packed onto the grassy slopes of Alamo Square Park, furiously snapping photos of the Painted Ladies- the most beautiful and quaint row of pastel terrace houses in San Francisco. As they are a classic icon of our home town, we thought it would make the perfect couples costume for Halloween! Continue to see how we made them…

Painted Ladies Halloween Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Billiards Surprise Balls

Isn’t there something so beautiful about billiards balls? Maybe we’re biased because we can’t say no to a good stripe, but they are just so classic! We decided to make a colorful riff on the classic billiards balls and make surprise balls! These are a great gift or party favor because you can fill them with all sorts of little toys or trinkets. Read on to see how we made them… Break!

Billiards Surprise Balls | Oh Happy Day!

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