Jan 15

DIY Anniversary Gifts

by Kathleen Ballos

Did you know that there is a specific material assigned to each year of marriage? I thought it would be fun to use the list as inspiration for DIY anniversary gift packages. For this post I focused on paper (1 year), wood (5 years), and silver (25 years) but wouldn’t fruit & flowers (4 years), cotton (2 years), and lace (13 years) be fun to do as well? It’s a lot of fun coming up with creative and affordable ideas to fill each package – let us know if there are any other cute gifts to include!

DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

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Jan 5

Year in Review 2014 | July – September

Here’s Part 3 in our 2014 Year in Review. I loved so many of the posts we did this summer and fall. My favorites were the post where we tried 40 red lipsticks and our Halloween costume series.  (PS – Part 1 and Part 2 of our 2014 Year in Review.)


1. Giant Paper Bead Garland | 2. How to Search for an Airbnb in Paris | 3. Taking Pictures on the 4th with Your Phone | 4. Handmade Confetti & DIY Confetti Throwers | 5. Printable S’Mores Cubes | 6. Our Family Trip to China


7. Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | 8. Gum Drop Ice Cream Cone Cake Toppers | 9. Our Dining Room Makeover | 10. How to Pack for 2 Weeks to France in a Carry On | 11. Origami Picnic Boxes | 12. Printable Color-In Postcards


13. Calligraphy Craft Night | 14. Watermelon Place Cards | 15. Visiting Northern France | 16. Modern Ninja Turtles Party | 17. Hanging a Gallery Wall Without Nails | 18. Pool Party Movie Night


19. Introducing Bright Lab | 20. Back to School Wrapping Paper | 21. DIY Cookie Cakes | 22. Apple Cupcake Toppers | 23. Crepe Paper Butterflies | 24. Fortune Cookie Garland


25. Printable Apple Boxes | 26. Printable Megaphone Necklace | 27. The Best Red Lipsticks | 28. Giant Bow Gift Wrap | 29. Spaceman Costume | 30. Halloween Cupcake Toppers


31. Carmen Miranda Costume | 32. Felted Ball Garland | 33. Wizard Costume | 34. Nesting Doll Costume | 35. Little Llama Costume | 36. Weekend Room Refresh


37. Moth Costume | 38. Pom Pom Bat Cupcake Toppers | 39. Cupcake Costume | 40. Little Musicians Costumes Part #1 & Part #2 | 41. Spider Web Cake Topper | 42. Bat Candy Favors

Dec 11

Crepe Paper Swirlers

by Kathleen Ballos

These DIY crepe paper swirlers are really simple to make, but they are so fun to play with! If you like taking pictures while waving sparklers around, these are a good indoor alternative. I made these with New Years Eve in mind, but I think they’d be fun for any party. You could even make some matching confetti throwers!

Crepe Paper Swirlers | Oh Happy Day!Crepe Paper Swirlers | Oh Happy Day!Crepe Paper Swirlers | Oh Happy Day!

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Dec 3

iRobot Roomba Giveaway!

Well it’s almost 2015 and I don’t have a hoverboard (as promised by movies from the 80’s) but I have the next best thing: a robot that cleans for me. Today, I’m partnering with iRobot to give one away! We keep our Roomba in our studio and after we are done crafting for the day we pick up the big pieces of cardboard and then the Roomba gets to work. I love coming into the studio every morning to a clean floor. The Roomba is super advanced, it gets to all those hard-to-reach places and passes over every section of the floor until it’s totally clean. I love that I can multitask: the Roomba keeps cleaning while I run errands. iRobot also sells robots that can scrub & mop your floors, clean out your gutters, and even clean your pool. To see the Roomba in action, click here! Now I just need a robot that can bring me a root beer float every night and I’m all set.

(PS – Make sure you click through below for your chance to win a brand new Roomba 880 – worth $700!)

Confetti | Oh Happy Day!Win a Roomba on Oh Happy Day!

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Oct 21

Envelope Inspiration No. 2

Here are 10 inspiring handmade envelopes. My favorite is #6! It’s much better to find one of these in your mailbox than bills.  (PS – Envelope Inspiration No. 1)

Envelope Inspiration No. 2 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Vintage Letter | 2. Polka Dot Envelopes | 3. Melon Mail | 4. Confetti Envelope | 5. World Mail Day | 6. Hand Lettered Envelope | 7. Spotty Parcel | 8. Gold Letter | 9. Confetti Letter | 10.Cutout Name Mail