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Strawberry Cascarones DIY

With April Fool’s Day falling so close to Easter this year, trick your friends with these confetti eggs disguised as strawberries. There’s nothing as fun as a bowl of cascarones just waiting to be cracked over unsuspecting heads!

Strawberry Cascarones DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Strawberry Cascarones DIY | Oh Happy Day!Strawberry Cascarones DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Materials needed: eggs, red food coloring, gold Sharpie paint pen, red and green tissue paper, glue, confetti or glitter.

Step 1: Starting with blown-out eggs (see directions here), dye eggs red. Let dry.
Step 2: Carefully take the top 1/4 off the side of the egg that already has the bigger hole. Fill with confetti.
Step 3: Cut a small circle of red tissue paper, place glue around the edge of the hole and seal the egg closed.
Step 4: Cut out a leafy strawberry stem from the green tissue paper. I looked at this one for reference, but it doesn’t need to be exact. Layer your tissue paper as many times as you have eggs, and you will only have to do this step once.
Step 5: Gently rumple the leaves and glue them to the top of the red tissue paper circle.
Step 6: Make “seeds” using the gold paint pen on the strawberry egg.
Step 7: Crack on someone’s head and enjoy!

Strawberry Cascarones DIY | Oh Happy Day!Strawberry Cascarones DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Photography by Tim Gibson

  1. Noushin

    March 30, 2015


  2. Haley

    March 30, 2015

    These are so cute and what a clever idea for April fools!

  3. Lexy | Proper

    March 30, 2015

    So cute, Chiara! I love them!

  4. Jennifer

    March 30, 2015

    Every year I try and make these for Easter and I find it very difficult because the eggs are brittle. But this diy looks simple and easy! Thank you!

  5. Rose of Then Comes Color

    March 30, 2015

    oh my goodness…these are so adorable!!!!!! Love the gold seeds!

  6. Leslie

    March 30, 2015

    Awesome! Jennifer, try using organic or farm fresh eggs the shells will be more sturdy 🙂

  7. Monique | WritingMonique

    March 30, 2015

    So adorable!

  8. Silvana

    March 31, 2015

    What a lovely idea,I like it!

  9. Hannah

    March 31, 2015

    So cute!! What a lovely lovely idea!

  10. Amy

    March 31, 2015

    farm fresh egg shells hurt when cracked on your head … definitely more sturdy though!

  11. Diego

    March 31, 2015

    This is a fun Mexican tradition. I remember doing this every Easter as a kid. (Not painting the eggs as strawberries, just cracking them and getting confetti everywhere.)

  12. Marlan Willardson | Twink + Sis

    April 1, 2015


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