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DIY Anniversary Gifts

Did you know that there is a specific material assigned to each year of marriage? I thought it would be fun to use the list as inspiration for DIY anniversary gift packages. For this post I focused on paper (1 year), wood (5 years), and silver (25 years) but wouldn’t fruit & flowers (4 years), cotton (2 years), and lace (13 years) be fun to do as well? It’s a lot of fun coming up with creative and affordable ideas to fill each package – let us know if there are any other cute gifts to include!

DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

To inspire your creativity, here’s the full list of traditional anniversary gifts: 1) Paper, 2) Cotton, 3) Leather, 4) Fruit/Flowers, 5) Wood, 6) Candy, 7) Copper or Wool, 8) Bronze, 9) Pottery, 10) Tin, 11) Steel, 12) Silk, 13) Lace, 14) Animals, 15) Crystal, 20) China, 25) Silver, 30) Pearl, 35) Coral, 40) Ruby, 45) Sapphire, 50) Gold, 55) Emerald, 60+) Diamond.

Paper (1 year) Anniversary Box 

Supplies: Paper box, white and pink card stock, miniature honeycomb balls, mini envelope, glue stick, deck of cards, scissors, tissue paper, hot glue gun

Step 1: Print and cut out fake tickets on the pink card stock. The ones below read “ADMIT ONE – Happy Anniversary! Enjoy a movie together, our treat!” Don’t forget to tape the real movie theatre gift card to the back of one of the tickets.
Step 2: Cut the tissue paper into small squares of confetti.
Step 3: Put the confetti into the small envelope and seal.
Step 4: Glue a few extra pieces on the outside of the envelope as decoration.
Step 5: Put the gifts into the paper box: the deck of cards, movie tickets, and confetti filled envelope. You can use paper nesting to fill the box even more if desired.
Step 6: Use the adhesive dots on the honeycomb balls to attach them to the lid of the paper box.
Step 7: Cut out three small 1s from the white card stock.
Step 8: Use tiny dabs of hot glue to gently attach the 1s onto the honeycombs.

DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

Silver (25 years) Anniversary Box
Supplies: Silver cord, silver party horn, silver foil wrapped treats (candy, coffee, chocolate, etc), small silver bucket, silver muffler tape, pencil, scissors, disposable foil tray, nail.

Step 1: Cut strips of the silver tape about 3/4″ wide.
Step 2: Peel off the tape backing and fold each piece over a piece of the silver cord, keeping the tape evenly spaced.
Step 3: Cut the folded tape into triangular bunting. The finished garland can be as long as you like, but mine was about 24″ long.
Step 4: Cut a diamond out of the foil tray.
Step 5: Using a stack of newspaper as a base, write “25” backwards onto the diamond. When you flip the diamond over, 25 will be embossed on the other side.
Step 6: Use a sharp nail to gently poke a hole in the top of the diamond.
Step 7: Fill the bucket with the silver party horn and treats.
Step 8: Weave the foil diamond onto a piece of silver cord and tie around the bucket. Drape the filled bucket with the garland, tying if necessary.

DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

Wood (5 years) Anniversary Box
Supplies: Wooden boxscissors, small wood circles, string, wooden heart, wooden spoons, paint, paintbrushes, matchboxes, faux wood contact paperhot glue gun, masking tape

Step 1: Apply masking tape around the handle of each spoon at the point where you want the paint to start.
Step 2: Paint the spoons. Remove the masking tape and let dry.
Step 3: Cut a strip of faux wood contact paper the same length as the matchbox.
Step 4: Apply the contact paper onto the matchbox wrapping around the top, one side, and bottom. Be sure to leave at least one side uncovered so that you can still light the match.
Step 5: Apply small dabs of hot glue onto the backs of the wooden circles and attach onto the string to form a garland.
Step 6: Paint a 5 on the wooden heart. Let dry.
Step 7: Fill the box with the matchboxes and the garland. You can also fill the box with paper nesting if desired.
Step 8: Wrap string around the box, tying at the center. Gather the wooden spoons and tie on top. Trim any excess string. Apply a tiny dab of hot glue onto the back of the wooden heart and attach onto the knot holding the spoons in place.

DIY Anniversary Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

  1. Christine

    January 15, 2015

    Cute! I gave my husband a special bread cutting board last year for our 5th..he bakes his own sourdough (tartine style), English muffins, and bagels.

  2. Anne {Anne's Scribbles and Doodles}

    January 15, 2015

    These are really cute and creative! Way to go guys!

  3. Becky

    January 15, 2015

    Love these ideas! Especially the painted kitchen utensils!

  4. Katelyn

    January 15, 2015

    Any ideas for second anniversaries? (Cotton.) I’m struggling…

    • How about tea towels in a cool print? If you’re wanting to DIY it, you could even stamp the print yourself! A few other ideas: a pocket square or tie, cloth napkins, aprons, or a cotton tote bag filled with goodies. Hope that helps! 🙂

  5. Kristel Wyman

    January 15, 2015

    I’m just curious… in your images for the 5th anniversary gift… how did you come to have a Canadian Tire flyer?

    • Hi Kristel! I actually live in Toronto, Canada so Canadian Tire flyers are pretty easy to come by. 🙂

  6. Wear Eat Love

    January 16, 2015

    Didn’t know that! Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Monique | WritingMonique

    January 16, 2015

    These are awesome gifts indeed!

  8. Joy

    January 16, 2015

    Perfect timing! Coming up on our first anniversary and I was panicking a bit. I’d decided on a personalized deck of cards, but was a bit lost on how to make it “special”

  9. Candice

    January 18, 2015

    What a nice post!
    I just designed a fun mini relationship test to send to a couple with 5 fun questions for each partner. The two cards together form one heart. To remind them of the love for eachother.

    I also sell them on etsy. CASASderooij

    Greetings from holland

  10. Michelle

    January 18, 2015

    Hiya Jordan! I gave my husband a deck of cards for our first wedding anniversary too — for paper. Then I stuck sticker labels to each card, and wrote little memories from our year, or quirks, habits and traits that I love about him on the labels. Then we had 52 cards for the 52 weeks of our first year of marriage!

  11. christy

    January 22, 2015

    Oh! I love this… and, Michelle’s idea with the cards and labels. so fun! Happy day! 🙂

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