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I’m still a huge fan of sending out paper invitations. I love all these cute designs from Tiny Prints. Digital printing is a great way to save time & money when I’m planning a party. Tiny Prints has a ton of great designs to choose from and once you order, they arrive in the mail very fast. Before my kids head back to school (so soon!) I think it would be fun to personalize their notebooks and order a few classroom tags for all their supplies. Here are a few of my favorite supplies in case you want to plan your own party before summer ends:

Tiny PrintsTiny PrintsTiny PrintsTiny Prints + Oh Happy Day!

A. Sunray Party Invitations | B. Plastic Cutlery | C. Confetti Balloons | D. Address Labels | E. Confetti | F. Striped Plates | G. Baby Shower Invitations | H. Ice Cream Cone

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, where every choice is a stylish choice.

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

  1. Shambray

    August 5, 2014

    I love all these! Those balloons are awesome! The striped plates are so fun! I love the invitations! Really I love all of it!

  2. christy

    August 5, 2014

    LOVE these colors!

  3. Jules

    August 6, 2014

    Great ideas!! I love the baby shower invites.
    I just got invited to two and there is a big chance that im going to be doing the invites, so good inspiration!!


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