Aug 6

Modern Ninja Turtles Party

When my kids ask for character birthday parties, I like to blend a few special store bought items with a couple homemade touches. (Like this Spiderman party.) Today I’m sharing a Modern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party we created. I ordered this party pack from Target. It included all the basics – plates, cups, napkins, balloons, candles, etc. I also got a few  turtle shells for the kids to dress up in and some other ninja accessories (like these) for them to play with. Then, I did a few simple DIYs to tie the party together. I picked up red, orange, purple and blue felt to make ninja masks for everyone to wear during the party. I made some easy homemade favor bags that we filled with lots of green prizes and treats. For games I made some silver ninja stars for a game where the kids had to throw them into a bucket and a homemade Pin the Turtle on the Pizza. Altogether, this party took less than an afternoon to pull together.

Modern Ninja Turtles Party | Oh Happy Day!Modern Ninja Turtles Party | Oh Happy Day!

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Aug 5

Tiny Prints

I’m still a huge fan of sending out paper invitations. I love all these cute designs from Tiny Prints. Digital printing is a great way to save time & money when I’m planning a party. Tiny Prints has a ton of great designs to choose from and once you order, they arrive in the mail very fast. Before my kids head back to school (so soon!) I think it would be fun to personalize their notebooks and order a few classroom tags for all their supplies. Here are a few of my favorite supplies in case you want to plan your own party before summer ends:

Tiny PrintsTiny PrintsTiny PrintsTiny Prints + Oh Happy Day!

A. Sunray Party Invitations | B. Plastic Cutlery | C. Confetti Balloons | D. Address Labels | E. Confetti | F. Striped Plates | G. Baby Shower Invitations | H. Ice Cream Cone

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, where every choice is a stylish choice.

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

Aug 5

Screenprinting Craft Weekend

I’m so excited for our Back to School screenprinting weekend event in San Francisco! If you’ve ever wanted to learn about screenprinting now is your chance! We did an event like this in the spring and it was one of my favorite events ever. Here is how it works: you bring as many blank tshirts or totebags as you want (plus Uniqlo is providing a free kids shirt to all attendees) and then we screenprint like crazy for a few hours plus get some instruction on how to do it yourself from our screenprinting expert Andy Kane. Attendees will walk away with piles of new printed items plus a goodie bag of treats. You’ll be all set for the new school year. We are calling this a Back to School Event but of course we plan on printing on adult sized tshirts too. We’ve had four different designers do new designs just for this event: Katy Smail, Wendy MacNaughton, Amanda Jane Jones, and Emily Isabella. I’m so excited to share them today! They are soooo good.

The event will be August 16th and 17th and there are several sessions to choose from. Sign up here!

Oh Happy Day Screenprinting Event

Aug 4

Favor Cup Paper Flowers

by Kathleen Ballos

Do you know the small paper cups you fill with ketchup at fast food restaurants? That’s what these flowers are made out of! When a friend showed me that if you tug on the sides the cup expands, my mind was blown. Maybe this is common knowledge but I had no idea! Anyhow, with a quick coat of paint and paper centers these favor cup flowers are the perfect way to decorate for your next party. (And check out even more paper flower crafts!)

Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!Favor Cup Paper Flowers | Oh Happy Day!

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Aug 4

A Camp Party

by Casey Baudoin

Summer and camp are a perfect match for each other.  Think of the movie, Parent Trap, when planning your camp party.  T-shirts, old pennants, canoe cards, smores, campfires… I could go on and on!

A Camp Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. pennant  2. tee shirts  3. post cards  4. signs 5. smores  6. tents  7. straws  8. camp fire