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Striped Washi Tape Tablecloth

We’ve been playing so much with washi tape lately. (Remember this stripe wall?) We thought it would be nice to spruce up a paper tablecloth. A tablecloth is one of the first things you see when you are looking at a party set-up. So we made a graphic and punchy pattern that really sets the tone for the design of the whole party. We used a medium sized roll but it would be pretty with a thin washi tape as well.

Striped Washi Tape Tablecloth | Oh Happy Day!

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Candy Cake DIY

For those out there with a serious sweet tooth, this is the perfect project for you! We covered a plain store-bought cake with candy of all shapes, sizes, and colors. This is an easy way to make any cake feel special and fun. You don’t need any fancy cake equipment or even a fancy cake! All you need is a stroll down the candy aisle.

Candy Cake Decor | Oh Happy Day!

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