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Tutti Frutti ‘Punch’ Tags

Full-disclosure: I have a ridiculous amount of craft punches in my possession- in almost every geometric shape and size! They’re just so handy for speeding up elements of the craft process.

Inspired by my collection and a combination of some gorgeous fruity colored craft card, I set out to discover what kinds of mini paper fruit I could create with my punches. I turned them into gift tags that look super-cute when used to embellish round wooden gift boxes that I decorated with a variety of patterned washi tape and colored twine. I then filled with the boxes with some colored candy…

Tutti Frutti 'Punch' Tags | Oh Happy Day!

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“Craft Day” Playlist

I love me a good crafting session, but sometimes a project can quickly turn into a highly repetitive and boring endeavor, especially whilst preparing for a party or a wedding with a ton of guests!! It’s usually at this time I like to rely on some tunes to help get me through it. Luckily, Oh Happy Day has put together a little “Craft Day” Playlist so you can bop around and play sing-along during your next heavy-duty crafting venture!

"Craft Day" Playlist | Oh Happy Day!
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Printable Kiwi Drink Coasters

Refreshing summer beverages deserve a fun place to sit. These easy to make kiwi drink coasters are a perfect way make your table look cute & to keep your iced drink from slipping away. They’re great for a summer-themed party and would also make a great gift! Make sure to drink a lot this summer… it’s HOT out there!

Printable Kiwi Drink Coasters | Oh Happy Day!

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