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DIY Balloon Princess Crown

Here’s a cute and relatively simple balloon twisting DIY that is sure to be a crowd pleaser at a kid’s party- A Princess Crown! We’ve been working with a balloon artist to create so basic balloon sculptures. We’ve used the 160 balloons that look more delicate and pretty than the standard 260 balloons. Balloons are cheap and easy and are biodegradable! They are our favorite party accessory.

Balloon Crown Oh Happy Day

Balloon Crown DIY Oh Happy Day

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Printable Super Cute Envelopes

by Alix Sorrell

With so many cute cards & invitations out there, isn’t it a bummer that envelopes can be so plain? Not anymore! These fun envelope designs are an easy way to spice up any A7 envelope and make anyone you send a card to (or write a nice letter) feel like a special person!


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Cake Stand Bunting DIY

Cakes get all the love. It’s time to show some appreciation for the ones really doing all the work – the cake stands. No reason why they can’t get dressed up for the party too! Cake stands with a flat outer edge work best for this project.

Cake Stand Bunting DIY  | Oh Happy Day!

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