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Balloon Poetry 11

And now for our newest installment of balloon poetry goes to Paris! This time, we hung this poem by Amy Turn Sharp near the beautiful pink cafe, La Maison Rose on our team trip a few months back! If this doesn’t make you miss the story we never even made, I don’t know what will.

Balloon Poetry 11 | Oh Happy Day!

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American Flag Pixie Sticks Treats DIY

Wave a flag for the 4th! While you’re at it, make it a Pixie Stick flag! These easy party treats can serve double-duty as a festive centerpiece on any picnic table. Don’t want to put out sticks full of sugar? I don’t blame you! Simply use red, white or blue paper straws instead of the Pixie Sticks!

American Flag Pixie Stick Treats DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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