Sep 9

Refresh Your Room Contest!

I’ve been a huge Method fan for years. I use their products every single day. So I was thrilled when they approached me about partnering together for the launch of their new Air Refreshers line at Target. The scents are all awesome and actually smell like things you’d find in nature. Plus, they use a new pressurized air technology that doesn’t use petroleum-based propellant like most other air fresheners. The formula is totally non-toxic and free of dirty ingredients.  To celebrate the launch, we’re giving ONE Oh Happy Day reader that chance to refresh a room in their own home with a $1,000 gift card to Target + the chance to sample all 5 of the new Air Refresher fragrances. Click through below to find out how you can win!


Click through to find out how you can win a $1,000 Target gift card! 



Sep 8

Printable Megaphone Necklace

by Alix Sorrell

When I was looking through a list of silly holidays in September, I came across the National Hollerin’ Contest held on September 13th. Whether you want to exercise your hollerin’ skills, cheer for your favorite football team, or just do a shout out to your friends, this easy-to-assemble megaphone necklace is the perfect accessory to get your voice heard!

Printable Megaphone Necklace | Oh Happy Day! Printable Megaphone Necklace | Oh Happy Day! Printable Megaphone Necklace | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 5

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. I know summer’s pretty much over… but these are so cute!
2. These are seriously rad.
3. I want to be invited to this birthday party.
4. I’m obsessed with these!!
5. Such a fun back to school project.

Sep 4

DIY Candy Garland

by Kathleen Ballos

I have a huge sweet tooth, so it is near impossible for me to resist a good candy garland. There have been some really fun ones here on Oh Happy Day in the past  too: candy lights garland, cotton candy garland, and jelly bean garland. Use any color tissue paper to whip up this sweet little garland for your next party.

DIY Candy Garland | Oh Happy Day!DIY Candy Garland | Oh Happy Day!DIY Candy Garland | Oh Happy Day!DIY Candy Garland | Oh Happy Day!

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Sep 3

Printable Apple Boxes

by Alix Sorrell

It’s the start of a new school year and time to make a good impression. Wouldn’t it be fun to impress your teacher with an apple treat box? These boxes would also be perfect for a Back to School Party or a fun way to celebrate International Eat an Apple Day (September 20th). Pack these apples with any type of candy but if you want to be a bit sneaky you can fill them with gummy worms!

1_applebox 2_applebox 3_applebox

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