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Origami Snack Boxes DIY

I got an origami book a few years ago and have always been obsessed with the idea of making your own dishes from paper. If you don’t have containers to match your party decor, you can easily make your own with origami paper (which comes in the best colors and patterns!) Below, we’re sharing 2 simple box DIYs that come together really quickly. You can fill them with treats and set them around the party for people to snack on while they chat. If you need some party snack ideas, we love Graze: a snack subscription service that delivers awesome treats straight to your door.

Origami Snack Boxes DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Happy Mail

Coming home to a mailbox full of snail mail is one of my favorite things. So I’m super excited to be hosting a new series of pen pal exchanges on Oh Happy Day called “Happy Mail!” Each month I’ll swap a letter with a pen pal with a different theme. To start, Jordan and I sent each other “Happy” themed mail. My envelope is about baking, my second love (after mail, of course). Jordan’s is all about her favorite things. You can see all the images of exchange below…

Here’s mine:

Happy Mail | Oh Happy Day!

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Printable Silly Valentine Tags

Even though Valentine’s day is all about love it’s just as important to get some laughs in. This year, a box of chocolates is not the only way to tell someone your thinking of them this Valentine’s day. If you’re looking for something a bit different (and silly) to give away then these healthy “pun” Valentine’s are the perfect treat! These fun Valentine’s are simple to assemble and are great for friends, co-workers, and kids.

Printable Silly Valentine Tags | Oh Happy Day!

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