Jul 17

Hidden Prize Birthday Cake

by Kathleen Ballos

A little while ago I was looking through a 1950s craft book and read about the Christmas tradition of a Jack Horner pie. Traditionally, the book says you wrap small presents, tie each one to a string, and put all the presents in a box/basket with the string tails hanging out of the box – then your party guests each take a string and pull it to see which prize they get.

This tissue paper birthday cake was inspired by that idea – instead of loot bags, have party guests each grab a string, pull, and see what they get! Alternatively, this would also be a fun way to distribute prizes for game-winners throughout the party. (P.S. Fan of paper cakes? Make these candle and cake hats for your guests!!)

Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!Hidden Prize Birthday Cake | Oh Happy Day!

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Jul 17

Planter Wishlist

I need more plants in my life! So I’ve been on the hunt for beautiful planters. Here are a few I’ve been eyeing.

Planter Wishlist | Oh Happy Day!

1. Face Planter | 2. Earthenware Flower Pot | 3. Vintage Plant Stand | 4. Retro Planter | 5. Heart Living Planter | 6. Hex Spora | 7. Ceramic Lady Planter | 8. Cat Planter

Jul 16

8 Summer Party Appetizers

I’ve been drooling over these yummy summer appetizer ideas. They give me one more reason to throw a big bash before the season ends!

8 Summer Party Appetizers

1. Caprese Tea Sandwiches | 2. Caramelized Peaches + Cream with Toasted Crumble | 3. Fruit Kabobs | 4. Baby Greek Salads | 5. Kale & White Bean Crostini  | 6. Tomato Toasts | 7. Little Lobster Rolls | 8. Watermelon Mint Lollipops

Jul 16

Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging

by Ashley Page Norton 

I love looking at images of flower torans, which are festive garlands hung in Indian households as celebratory decorations, and decided to figure out a crepe paper version. Torans are so fun - the patterns and colors are super cheerful. There are a million ways to use this technique – you can make a wall hanging, garlands, bunting, leis, etc., and you can scale them to suit whatever space you’re decorating. They would look great as a backdrop at a party or wedding!

Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging | Oh Happy Day! Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging | Oh Happy Day! Crepe Paper Petals Wall Hanging | Oh Happy Day!

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Jul 15

Family Trip to China

I’ve been meaning to post pictures from our family trip to China and am just now getting around to organizing my photos. It was one of the best family trips we have ever been on. It was affordable, there was so much to see, and it was so easy to do with kids. Before I went I was a little nervous about getting around but I don’t think it was that much harder than navigating a European country with a foreign language. We felt safe and everyone was very helpful when we asked. We had been wanting to visit Paul’s brother and family who are living in China and when I was hunting for airfare for a Spring Break trip I happened upon some really cheap direct flights to Shanghai. They were less than $600. We jumped on them and are really happy we did.

The Flight/ I read the flight information wrong at first and had thought the flight was going to be 15 hours long. Luckily it only ended up to be about 12 hours. It really wasn’t bad. We came prepared with ipads and headphones and snacks and the kids did great. When we arrived we were tired but went directly to the train station and took a train to Nanjing, just a few hours out of Shanghai. We stayed with Paul’s brother and family. It was a great transition to stay with family for the first few days because there was no pressure to sight-see and we could get over jet lag. They took us to markets that aren’t in any guide books. They also taught us a few tricks to get around. Honestly, the most helpful thing was watching my sister-in-law bargain with the vendors in limited Chinese. It came in handy later on in the trip when I had to do it on my own.

Nanjing/ We probably wouldn’t have stopped in Nanjing on our short trip if we didn’t have family there. It is a great city but not as famous as some of the others in China. Besides the markets and seeing family we also went to Confuscious’ Temple and Yellow Mountain which we really liked. After a few days we jumped on a train and began our trip to Beijing.

Family Trip to China | Oh Happy Day

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