Apr 10

Favorite Party Ideas This Week


1. Check out this gorgeous kite DIY.
2. This party is incredible!
3. Genius favors.
4. So pretty.
5. The most beautiful cake toppers EVER.


Apr 9

Pop-Up Wrap DIY

My friend Joy‘s new craft book is finally on sale! (You can get it here.) It’s her first craft-focused book and it features 60 fun projects you can make to bring joy into your life and the lives of people around you. We’ve been following Joy since she started blogging 10 years ago and her work always keeps us so inspired. Today, we’re so excited to feature this genius Pop-Up Wrap idea from the book. Make sure you click through below to get the full instructions!


Click through for the full instructions! 


Apr 8

Foraged Mother’s Day Boutonnieres

My friend introduced me to the concept of “foraging” a few years ago. I tease her that “forage” is hippie-speak for “stealing.” But there really is a sustainable and responsible way to forage and I think it makes the flowers feel more wild and special than just buying them from the grocery store. The first (obvious) rule is don’t steal flowers someone deliberately grew. Also, stay away from frequented public areas where people hike and walk, those flowers are for everyone. When I’m foraging I first look first to my backyard or ask my neighbor if I can cut a few sprigs from their overgrown bush. I’ve also cut from wild bushes in abandoned lots. I also once asked the school gardener what bushes needed trimming and asked permission to cut their honeysuckle bush for my flower arrangements. I prefer foraged flowers because first of all it’s free and second, the variety and quality of the flowers and greenery can be better than at the flower market. My friend does a forage/bought combo where she buys really pretty blooms from the market and then supplements with foraged vines from her backyard. Her flowers are always beautiful and wild-looking, it’s the best of both worlds. Today we’re teaching how to make foraged corsages for Mother’s Day! Click through below for details.

Foraged Mother's Day Boutonnieres | Oh Happy Day!

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Apr 7

Moon Phase Piñatas

by Kathleen Ballos

I’ve been loving the moon phase trend that’s been happening lately! I can’t help but turn my favorite things into piñatas, so these mini moon phases were born. Wouldn’t it be fun to hold a celestial party on the night of a full moon?

Moon Phase Piñatas | Oh Happy Day!

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Apr 6

DIY Flower Straws

by Kathleen Ballos

It’s almost spring! It’s been such a cold winter that I really can’t wait for the warmer weather to finally come. These paper flower straw decorations are perfect for a spring party! Not only are they a fun way to decorate for your party, but they’ll also help your guests remember which cup is theirs! (Flower lover? Make these flower hats too!)

DIY Flower Straws | Oh Happy Day!

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