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House Swap

After living in France and seeing how my friends would take a month off every summer I’ve always wanted to do the same and take an extended summer vacation. Like for 3-4 weeks. But usually by the time I realize I should plan something I look up accommodations and airline tickets and prices are sky-high and everything is booked. That happened to me two years in a row so last year I decided to book my summer vacation in December. I like to plan things a few months in advance so the idea of planning 6-9 months out was a bummer but as a result we were able to plan a really cool trip on a budget.

House Swap | Oh Happy Day!

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White Picket Fence Cake Topper

Lately I’ve noticed lots of for sale signs up around my neighborhood. I don’t have any new neighbors yet, but wouldn’t it be fun to bake them a cake as a welcome gift? This DIY white picket fence cake topper is a simple way to add an extra little something. It would be cute on a freshly baked pie too!

White Picket Fence Cake Topper | Oh Happy Day!

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