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Printable Bags & Flower Wraps

It’s definitely still winter but spring is on my mind. Did you know February 28th is National Floral Design Day? If you need to get a head start on your floral in-take then these pretty printables are the perfect thing to get ready for better weather. These cute printable bags are great for any spring party or give-away. Wrap a small bouquet of flowers in the this pretty floral paper and put a smile on someones face… spring is just around the corner!

Printable Bags & Flower Wraps | Oh Happy Day!

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Valentine Party In A Box

This is a Valentine variation on a very old project from almost six years ago. (It’s so funny to read the unpolished posts from back then–I miss the good ol’ days of blogging.) For Valentines we filled a big box with heart balloons (tape the string to the bottom of the box!) Then place on a doorstep and doorbell ditch! I’ve done it for a couple friends and it really is an easy and fun project that produces a big effect!

Valentine Party In A Box | Oh Happy Day!

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