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Paris Movie Night

One of my favorite ways to get excited about a big trip is to watch a bunch of movies filmed in the city I’m planning to visit. The filmmakers already scouted all the most iconic, romantic locations, so it’s a great way to quickly get yourself up to speed on what to expect once you get there! Read on to see all of our ideas! 

Paris Movie Night | Oh Happy Day!

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Packing For Paris!

Usually before I travel, I put together a fantasy list of things I’d love to take with me- some are items I already own, others- merely aspirational. This will be my very first time in Paris ever and the resounding advice is that, when it comes to wardrobe, Parisians err on the conservative side color-wise (i.e black is the new black). As unabashed color lovers at Oh Happy Day, this can be a tricky challenge!! Jordan’s advice- neutral basics, constricting color and personality to cute, statement accessories!

Packing For Paris! | Oh Happy Day!

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Parisian Cafe Wall

One of my absolute favorite things about Parisian cafes is how they set up the seats in a way that encourages people watching! Of course, we had to add that little detail to our Parisian cafe installation! For this backdrop, we borrowed all of the iconic elements of a street-side cafe and turned our studio into a little bit of Paris. This interactive installation would be so perfect for a brunch party! Read on to see how we did it!

Parisian Cafe Wall | Oh Happy Day!

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