Halloween Cake Topper DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

I saw these black ravens at the Dollar Store and couldn’t resist. There are only so many black ravens you can put around your front step though, so I snagged two to make this cake topper.

boo cakebirdspair

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Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Best Party Ideas on the Web!


1. The cutest little ghosts you ever did see.
2. Sparkly numbers for the cake (I just added some to My Party Closet.)
3. Pretty Fall Pencils from House that Lars Built
4. Check out the genius little number balloons Joy discovered!
5. Love this wax paper backdrop.

Spider Surprise Ball DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Who doesn’t love a surprise ball? Granted, these spider ones aren’t nearly as pretty as these, but they certainly are creepier -and just in time for Halloween. Boo!

Spider Surprise Ball DIY | Oh Happy Day!Spider Surprise Ball DIY | Oh Happy Day!Spider Surprise Ball DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Clothes To Party In No. 8

by Alison Piepmeyer

When it comes to planning Halloween costumes for myself, I’m the worst: I always leave it to the last minute and have to pull something together using pieces I already have in my closet. This fall, I’ve been eyeing a leopard print coat to add to my wardrobe. I figure it can be dual purposed as a simple Halloween costume! Pairing it with a cat ear headband and classic cat eye makeup, I’d be one pretty kitty. Happy Halloween! (PS – For more Clothes To Party In posts, click here!)

Clothes to Party In No. 8 | Oh Happy Day!

A. Black Bob Wig | B. Leopard Print Coat | C. Nail Glaze | D. Cat Eye Makeup | E. Cat Ears Headband | F. Ankle Boot with Metal Heel | G. Eternity Scarf

Halloween Whites

by Casey Baudoin

I love the classic orange and black for Halloween, but how about an all white Halloween party this year?  Bones, mummies, and ghosts can help do the trick!  Give your guests the fun challenge of finding an all white costume to dress up in.

Halloween Whites | Oh Happy Day!

1. bone chandelier  2. mask  3. straws  4. ghost cookies  5. mummy pumpkin