May 30

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. Brittany knocked this baby shower out of the park.
2. How perfect is this cake?
3. Such a genius idea for centerpieces!
4. The perfect addition to summer drinks.
5. These cookies are both beautiful and inspiring.


May 28

Back to Paris

I’m so excited… for the first time since we moved back 2 years ago, I’m headed back to France in a few weeks! I’ll be spending some time in Dijon, Reims & Poitiers and then ending the trip in Paris (with a quick sidetrip to Morocco!) I can’t wait to visit all my favorite places and go say hi to our old apartment. If you have any recommendations of new places that have popped up since we lived there, I’d love to hear them!


And just in case you want a few of my Paris recommendations, here are a few of my favorite posts from when we lived there:

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At the French market

May 23

Tulip Installation

THIS is beyond words. My friend Maybelle sent over these photos of her calligraphy workshop in Australia. She is based here in San Francisco but travels the world giving really amazing workshops.  When I was in Australia last October I got to meet the talented people behind this creation. (Seriously, what is up with all the Australian talent? I am blown away every time.) This class was hosted by Megan Morton, the stylist to the stylists who runs The School. They host all kinds of cool classes there. The florals for this event were done by the talented Phyllip Van Huynh at Katie Marx Flowers. He is a genius! (Interesting story, he was a Doctor here in the US before he quit and became a florist in Australia!) I love that the bulbs and roots were left on, it makes it feel so much more organic. I’m now going to beg these guys to come to some classes here in the US!


Photography by Brooke Holm (photos used with permission)

May 22


I made it a goal to go to the flower market once a week so we’ve had a zillion flowers around the house. I don’t have a favorite flower but peonies are definitely some of my favorites. They are only around for a couple months in the spring so I always try to take advantage when they are here. It makes me in such a good mood to have them around. (ps: I even had peonies in my bouquet when I got married.) Here are a couple photos from my Instagram account from the last month or two.

Peonies | Oh Happy Day!Peonies | Oh Happy Day!Peonies Oh Happy DayPeonies | Oh Happy Day!

All photos from my Instagram

May 22

Big Sur Roadtrip

A few weeks ago we took a quick weekend road trip down to Big Sur so I could run the Big Sur Marathon (I finished!) The drive is one of my favorites. It isn’t too long (3 hours) and it passes the prettiest part of California’s coastline. I brought the snacks from our NatureBox subscription. I tried NatureBox for the first time a few months ago and really loved their service. They deliver healthy, nutritionist-approve snacks right to your doorstep! You can choose your own snacks from the tons of options they have or let your box be a surprise. For our trip, it was so easy to grab the box for the road and not have to think twice about what I was feeding my kids (no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and colors, etc.) Our box came with 5 different snacks, enough for everyone to have plenty. But you could also get boxes with 10 or 20 bags to fit your family’s needs. Right now, NatureBox is offering a special gift for Oh Happy Day readers! Use the code: HAPPYDAY when you sign up, and you’ll get 50% off your first box of any size. I highly recommend trying them out!

Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Naturebox5Road Trip Snacks | Oh Happy Day!Nature Box

This post is sponsored by NatureBox: wholesome, delicious snacks delivered to your door. 

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day