Aug 26

Commission Project Holiday 2014

The Commission Project is launching for the 2014 holiday season! The Commission Project is an affordable way to get a commissioned painting by Paul Ferney for your family.We do this every year around the holidays because it makes the perfect gift. It’s already in it’s fifth year! The way it works is you purchase a commission right here , choose a frame color and send a photo by September 5th to for approval, then wait by your mailbox for your painting. All paintings will be shipped framed and ready to hang no later than December 1st. You can check out more sample pictures and see more information right here. It sells out fast so act quickly! (It’s already 75% sold out.) Here are the two I had done of Moses and Roman last year.

Updated: This round is sold out but if you want to be the first to hear about this in the future, sign up for the email list right here.

Commission Project Paul Ferney


Aug 22

Bright Lab Updates and Thank You

Thank you so much for all the support with the launch last week of my new company Bright Lab Lights! I started working on this almost two years ago with my brother and my friend. The last time I owned a business like this was my short-lived Etsy shop 7 years ago. Ha! It has been a really great challenge to do something I’ve never done before, I really love it. Before we head into the weekend I wanted to give some shoutouts to a few people who helped us.

First, Kendra Smoot and Alpha Smoot for styling and photographing the photos so perfectly for our website. They are both so talented and easy to work with. The photos came out better than I could have imagined.

Bright Lab Lights |

Bright Lab Lights |


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Aug 21

Baby Shower Invitation in a Box + Free Printable

When I am throwing an extra special party I love doing something extra special with the invitation. It really does make a difference in getting people excited for the party. I love the idea of putting invitations in boxes with a little sweet or surprise. The delivery can be a little more complicated than just dropping it in the mail (I usually hand deliver most of them) but I always get a really good response from invitations like these. For these we got the boxes here and used sixlets, I think they look so modern and cute. We taped the accordion invitation to the lid so that when you open it unfolds with the party details. Find the free-printable and more details below!

Baby Shower Invitation in a Box + Free Printable | Oh Happy Day!Baby Shower Invitation in a Box + Free Printable | Oh Happy Day!

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Aug 20

Craft Night: Screenprinting

We held our second Screenprinting Event at the studio this past weekend and it was so much fun. I love these because everyone comes with a ton of stuff to print on and there is so much energy. At the beginning of each class, my friend Andy Kane from Sparka Screenprinting  gave a short tutorial on how to use the screenprinter, and then we spent most of the time printing. Uniqlo provided everyone with a kids T-shirt, but we also printed on jackets, sweatshirts & onesies. There were 8 different designs (see them all here!) by Katy SmailWendy MacNaughtonAmanda Jane Jones, and Emily Isabella. If you’d like to attend an Oh Happy Day Craft event, there are still some spots available in our Woodworking classes next month!

Craft Night: Screenprinting | Oh Happy Day! Craft Night: Screenprinting | Oh Happy Day! Craft Night: Screenprinting | Oh Happy Day! Craft Night: Screenprinting | Oh Happy Day!Craft Night: Screenprinting | Oh Happy Day!

My friend Rebecca planned this event and she did an awesome job. Our snacks came from Pop Nation. They make really fun popsicle flavors and serve them out of the coolest cart. We set it up on the sidewalk so people could take a break outside.

Craft Night: Screenprinting | Oh Happy Day!


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Aug 19

One Bookcase, Three Ways

Today I’m showing how I would style this Folding Bookcase three ways. This little bookcase is simple and modern so it can work in any room. I tried it in the kitchen, my bedroom, and the kids room and it looked great everywhere. I really like the Room Essentials line because the pieces are beautiful, really versatile and have excellent price points. When I’m styling a space I think about how it’s going to function and then put it together with art and objects that I love. Plants, Art and Lighting make the biggest difference! How do you style your home?

One Bookcase, Three Ways | Oh Happy Day! One Bookcase, Three Ways | Oh Happy Day! One Bookcase, Three Ways | Oh Happy Day!

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Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day