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Back-to-Work Supply Checklist

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do before going back to school was shopping for school supplies! Checking off that list gave me a crazy sense of satisfaction that calmed those before school jitters. There is something so satisfying about opening a brand-new box of crayons and cracking open a fresh notebook. During this time of year, although quite a departure from stocking up on glue sticks and searching for that perfectly bright-colored trapper keeper, I like to refresh my office with some fun grown-up office supplies. Here is my grown-up ‘back-to-work’ supply list that I am eager to start checking off.

Back To Work List | Oh Happy Day

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Summer Pick-Me-Up List

Have you noticed the daylight is starting to fade sooner, and perhaps you may feel like summer has slipped away like sand through your fingers? Here is a summer pick-me-up list of twelve ideas to inspire you to squeeze in a little more summer fun (without screens). No need to do all twelve, just pick a few ideas and work on being totally in the moment! I’d love to hear about your favorite summer moments so far.

Summer Pick-Me-Up List | Oh Happy Day

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