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Paper Plate Party Hats

Today we’re sharing another fun DIY from our friend Rebecca Thuss of Thuss + Farrell. Last month, she made this curtain backdrop from our paper plates! This time, she’s making party hats!:

I started making paper party hats like these from plates and cups when my daughter was very young. I let her cut and snip and we stapled and taped and often made very silly compositions on top of paper plates for play time. These are based on some of our recurring designs using the awesome Oh Happy Day palette of colors. I made all of the flowers from paper napkins of course, and the feathers and paper cuts are all made from plates. Attached to a headband they stay put, and seriously these are all ages approved. Even the dudes and dads have worn my paper plate hats! – Rebecca

Paper Plate Party Hats | Oh Happy Day

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Personalized Bucket Favors DIY

There’s something so sweet about a personalized favor at a party. It goes without saying that the birthday kid feel special – but these make ALL the guests feel special too. As always, customize the details with your party’s colors and themes. Fill these cute little buckets with anything you’d like!

Personalized Bucket Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day

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Introducing Messenger Kids!

This post is sponsored by Messenger Kids and SheKnows Media

One of the hardest things about not living in the same city as all of our friends and family is missing everyday celebrations like birthdays and graduations. Thankfully, 21st century technology keeps us connected with those we care about, despite the distance. Up until now, though, we haven’t been comfortable letting the kids using online communication apps without an adult in the room, but Facebook just came out with a new video chat and messaging app that’s designed specifically for children, it’s called Messenger Kids. It’s free, and it can be used on any smartphone or tablet. Now kids can share any celebration (big + small!) together with anyone who their parents approve, no matter where they are in the world. Read more details about the new app below!

Introducing Messenger Kids! | Oh Happy Day

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