Apr 23

Vellum Thank You Bag Printable

by Sally J Shim

It’s always a nice idea to show your thanks with a little sweet treat. You can make these simple thank you bags for party guests or for anyone whom you want to say “thank you” to. These translucent vellum thank you bags show off the sweet treats inside and can be stitched closed or sealed using washi tape or adhesive.

Vellum Thank You Bag Printable | Oh Happy Day!Vellum Thank You Bag Printable | Oh Happy Day!Vellum Thank You Bag Printable | Oh Happy Day!

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Apr 23

Letterpress Craft Nights!

A bunch of people have asked us to bring back our Letterpress Craft Nights. So, today I’m excited to announce that we’ll be hosting 4 new classes next week! In this beginner class, we will be teaching the basic letterpress process while printing greeting cards. All the proceeds from these events will be donated to my kids’ awesome (but underfunded) nonprofit community preschool here in San Francisco. You can click here to purchase tickets. If you’d like the cost of your ticket to be tax deductible, please bring a check the night of the event (and your online purchase will be refunded.) I hope to see you there! (PS – Don’t forget to Join our mailing list and get early access to sign up for craft nights!)

Wednesday, April 30 | SESSION A 5:30pm-7:15pm SOLD OUT!

Wednesday, April 30 | SESSION B 7:30pm-9:15pm SOLD OUT!

Thursday, May 1 | SESSION A 5:30pm-7:15pm SOLD OUT!

Thursday, May 1 | SESSION B 7:30pm-9:15pm SOLD OUT!

Letterpress Craft Night | Oh Happy Day!

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

Apr 22

A DIY Woodland Backdrop

by Michaela Egger

A woodland creatures party ideally takes place in the forest – somewhere in a sheltered clearing nestled in a charming woodland area. But not everybody is lucky enough to live near such a place. Or if they do, there’s always the chance of rain. So for a plan B, let’s take the party inside! To create that woodland feeling, you can bring in twigs, branches, moss and plants. And you can create this simple forest paper backdrop made with kraft paper and water color. A great DIY even for smaller children. (PS – Woodland party invitations!)

A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day! A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day!

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Apr 22

Wrapping Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I shared 10 beautiful envelopes that were really inspiring me. Lately, I’ve been finding the most beautiful wrapped packages that make me want to wrap presents for everyone I know!  They all seem pretty easy to recreate, but I can’t decide which one’s my favorite. What about you?

Wrapping Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!


1. Dots | 2. Eyes | 3. Dots, Pink & Newspaper | 4. Polka Dot Bow | 5. Paper Pom | 6. Abstract, Geometry & Cats | 7. Animals | 8. Pom Poms | 9. Lightning | 10. Random Tickets

Apr 21

Punched Leaf Napkin Rings

by Ashley Page Norton

I love the idea of tying a piece of rosemary into a mini wreath for a napkin ring – a little bit of greenery always looks nice on a table. Here’s a way to have a set of leafy napkin rings you never have to throw away – they’re made of paper! You can make these into mini wreaths which are super pretty, or customize them by making letters for everyone’s first name who’ll be sitting at your table. Either way it’s a little bit of spring to keep all year round!

Punched Leaf Napkin Rings | Oh Happy Day!Punched Leaf Napkin Rings | Oh Happy Day!Punched Leaf Napkin Rings | Oh Happy Day!

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