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Family Trip to Mexico

Every Spring Break we take our kids out of school a couple extra days and go on a long extended adventure trip (last year we went to China.) My hope is that by the time my kids graduate high school, all these trips will add up and we’ll have seen the world together. I’ve found that planning far in advance helps us get really cheap tickets and knowing that we are going to take the trip helps us plan and budget all year for it. This year we decided to visit Mexico. I’ve taken trips to the popular Mexican beaches like Tulum and Cancun but we really wanted to visit other areas we haven’t been before. I have to give my good friend Michelle Aller a shout-out here. She helped me plan this vacation. Michelle is obsessed with planning vacations and traveling. I always call her in a panic a week before my trips and she send me emails with itineraries. I’ve been telling her to start a blog for years and she finally did. Go check out her new travel blog Rollybag over here and click through below for the full story.

Family Trip to Mexico | Oh Happy Day!

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