Oct 30

DIY Typography Pumpkins

I did a guest post on Design*Sponge on how to make typography pumpkins (I think technically it’s some sort of squash but for all intents and purposes I’m calling it a grey pumpkin.)  See the full DIY here!



Oct 30

Favorite Party Pins: The Sky

There’s a full moon happening next week. Wouldn’t it be fun to throw a Sky Party to celebrate? Here are a few fun party ideas we found on Pinterest for the occasion (PS – more party pins here.)

party-skies1 party-skies2party-skies3 party-skies4 party-skies5 party-skies6 party-skies7 party-skies8 party-skies9 party-skies10

1. Cloud Backdrop | 2. Moon Backdrop | 3. Cookies | 4. Cake Topper | 5. Paper Cloud | 6. Moon Party | 7. Cheesecakes | 8. Balloons | 9. Pinata | 10. Chimes

Oct 29

Monster Party

My friend Eunice Moyle of the fabulous letterpress stationery company Hello Lucky showed me a picture of the ticket booth she made for a Monster Halloween Party. My first thought was “What a great theme for a party” and then I asked her to let me take pictures to share. She made the whole thing from cardboard and tempera paints, it is seriously genius! It’s just a reminder that the the best things are usually made from creativity and not expensive materials.

Monster Ticketbooth  Monster TicketboothMonster TicketboothMonster Ticketbooth

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


Oct 29

Gumdrop Acorn Napkin Rings DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

These pretty gumdrop acorn napkin rings are very easy and fun to make. Once you start, you will want to keep making them! Mix in any extras with other seasonal nuts or fruits as a colorful centerpiece. Warn your guests not to nibble them, or they might eat some glue. And of course, keep them well out of reach of small children. If you want, use pom-poms to make a kid-friendly version (see last pair of photos). In fact – just swap the hot-glue gun for Elmer’s or craft glue, and this would be a great craft project for kids to do too.

Gumdrop Acorn Napkin Rings DIY | Oh Happy Day!Gumdrop Acorn Napkin Rings DIY | Oh Happy Day!Gumdrop Acorn Napkin Rings DIY | Oh Happy Day!Gumdrop Acorn Napkin Rings DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions!


Oct 28

Walnut Turkey Placecards

by Kathleen Ballos

It’s not too often that I use food items in crafts, but walnut shells were just perfect for these turkeys! Make these simple place cards for your Thanksgiving table – they’re super quick to make. You could even use them as cake toppers instead! (P.S. Did you know a group of turkeys is called a rafter?)

Walnut Turkey Placecards | Oh Happy Day!Walnut Turkey Placecards | Oh Happy Day!Walnut Turkey Placecards | Oh Happy Day!

Click through for instructions …