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Tricks or Treats

Halloween is three weeks away, can you believe it?! It is such a strange holiday that people often have strong opinions about, and this year we are on team ‘happy’ Halloween and wanted to share some last-minute tricks and treats ideas to inspire you to make something fun and get your creative juices flowing.

There are also well over sixty (!!) different costume ideas in our archives if you are looking for something unique and DIY for those upcoming kid’s costume parties! Check them out here.

Oh Happy Halloween | Oh Happy Day

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Pops of Pink

The Autumn colors are super beautiful, cozy and all over the place, yet pink is also showing up this year in a big way for fall, and it is super fun! We’re feeling all kinds of pops of pink today!

Pops of Pink | Oh Happy Day

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Happy Habits: Tips for Getting Stuff Done

I recently finished listening to the audiobook Atomic Habits by James Clear, and it is such a brilliant book! Have you read or listened to it yet? It shares tons of useful tips that helped me clarify my thinking and habit process. (Spoiler alert! It focuses on establishing systems.) It is a book that I already want to read again. The last non-fiction book to resonate that much was this one, also fantastic. The book got me thinking about what systems I already have in place and which ones I can improve. With all of our incredible technology out there, I want to share practical apps that have helped me set up time management systems, and I would love to hear what works for you too!

Happy Habits | Oh Happy Day

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