Jan 30

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

1. It’s amazing what you can make with paper
2. These would make amazing favors!
3. So pretty!
4. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!
5. The cutest mini garland ever.


Jan 29

DIY Rock & Mineral Cookies

by Kathleen Ballos

Do you have any rock collectors or nature nuts in your life? If so, this edible rock and mineral chart makes a really fun and unique gift! You could even make a few for the dessert table at your next nature/science themed party. (Looking for more edible DIY projects? Try these cookie cakes!)

DIY Rock & Mineral Cookies | Oh Happy Day!DIY Rock & Mineral Cookies | Oh Happy Day!DIY Rock & Mineral Cookies | Oh Happy Day!

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Jan 28

How to Pack for Paris in the Winter with Just a Carry-On Bag

I’m in Paris this week and I only like to travel with a carry-on. I did a post last summer on how to pack for Paris in the summer but the winter is a whole other beast so I thought I would do a post on it. The first thing I think about when packing for the winter is being warm. When you are a tourist you have to dress warmer than the average Parisian who is usually just going from home to work. A tourist spends most of the time outside going from location to location so you have to dress for the elements. Paris rarely gets snow but gets a decent amount of rain. I’ve found a good pair of leather boots repel the water just fine. It’s not worth bringing a whole other set of rain shoes. If you are going somewhere in Europe with a lot of snow it might be a different story. I usually buy an umbrella for 5 Euros from a street vendor if I need it, same with cheap black gloves. I don’t pack that kind of thing with me because they usually get lost quickly and I don’t want to worry about lugging my good stuff across the pond with me. Below I’ve listed what I brought with me with an explanation of how I use it. The main thing to think about when you are traveling in the winter is that every single outfit is basically going to look the same because of your winter coat. So pick your warm coat first and then plan all the outfits around that. I bring enough underwear so I only need to do laundry once (if I’m staying for 10 days I bring 5 pairs!) I do a load midweek (it’s usually underwear and tshirt layers) to save space.

How to Pack for Paris in Just a Carry-On

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Jan 28

Gumdrop Treat Boxes DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Did you know February 15th is National Gumdrop Day? While everyone is recovering from Valentine’s Day, you can drop these little favors in their laps. Just don’t give me any black licorice ones, thank you very much!

Gumdrop Treat Boxes DIY | Oh Happy Day!Gumdrop Treat Boxes DIY | Oh Happy Day!Gumdrop Treat Boxes DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Jan 27

String Words Wall-Hanging DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

“Love is in the air” literally – when you hang this cursive banner. Let someone know you love them! Using different shades of pinks and reds adds a Valentine’s flair, but you can use any colors you’d like. Wouldn’t “you are my sunshine” in golden and pale yellow yarns be so sweet in a newborn’s nursery? If you have extra sting, make additional words to decorate valentine gifts. Or write the recipient’s name for an amazing name tag! The words are easy to affix to a package with glue or washi tape. PS – How perfect would this banner look paired with this?

String Words Wall-Hanging DIY | Oh Happy Day!String Words Wall-Hanging DIY | Oh Happy Day!String Words Wall-Hanging DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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