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Jar of Sprinkles Costume

This year Irene Yu has been helping Art Direct and concept our costumes. She is one of those people who is planning her halloween costume all year. She was the perfect person to collaborate with. I asked her to share a little bit about the inspiration for this costume:

“Rainbow sprinkles are just the best. They’re the confetti of the food world!  It’s undeniable that there’s something a little magic mixed in with the food coloring and sugar. The bright colors are instant happiness and it’s practically impossible eat sprinkles with a frown. They also happen to be conveniently delicious on top of one of my favorite things: ICE CREAM.

Jar of Sprinkles Costume | Oh Happy Day!

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Fall Leaf Cookies

Every year I FALL in love with the gorgeous autumn leaves scattered on the ground. I love these Fall leaf cookies just as much as the real thing because they are so easy to make and each richly-colored cookie is different from the next. Making them is more about spreading icing around than piping them, and icing colors running together is 100% ok! It’s oddly satisfying to play and watch the vivid colors swirl together. Enjoy!

Fall Leaf Cookies | Oh Happy Day!

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