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Lollipop Pinata Makeover

Pinata¬†Makeovers are my favorite because it takes out the messy component (paper mache!) and you only do the fun part (decorating!) A pinata makeover is when you take an existing pinata, remove its fringe and remake it into something else by redecorating the base. It is an easy way to get a custom look. Today we made a lollipop! See the whole post as well as the “before” photos below. See our other pinata makeovers right here.


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Beet Dyed Deviled Eggs

If you ride the egg hunt train on Easter, then you know the very common problem of having enough hard boiled eggs to eat for approximately 3 years. One way I love to combat that is by making a bunch of deviled eggs (then eating them all by myself in the corner). If you wanted to share though, you should probably elevate them just a tiny bit from the classic. The easiest way to do that is by peeling off the dyed egg shell and dying the egg itself – with beets!

Beet Dyed Deviled Eggs | Oh Happy Day!

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