Jul 28

Printable Summer Color-in Postcards

by Alix Sorrell

No good vacation goes without sending a silly postcard. These “puny” postcards are perfect for any sea-side trip and make a great coloring activity for kids. They also are a great way to celebrate National Lighthouse day (August 7th) and National Oyster day (August 5th). What other nautical puns can you come up with?

Printable Summer Color-in Postcards | Oh Happy Day!Printable Summer Color-in Postcards | Oh Happy Day!Printable Summer Color-in Postcards | Oh Happy Day!

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Jul 28

Colorful Party Supplies

It’s time to restock my party closet! I’m loving all the brightly colored party supplies I’ve been spotting lately:

Colorful Party Supplies | Oh Happy Day!

1. Cupcake Invitation | 2. Number Candles | 3. Chalkboard Balloons | 4. Glitter Crown | 5. Goblets | 6. Donkey Pinata | 7. Striped Napkin | 8. Popsicle Lights

Jul 25

Watermelon Favors DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

Nothing screams summer more than watermelon (well, maybe ice cream does, too). It just so happens that August 3rd is National Watermelon Day. Who knew?! This party favor, ready to stuff with treats and goodies, is made out of plain old paper plates from the grocery store. (PS – Watermelon pinatas!)

Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day! Watermelon Favors DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Jul 24

Origami Picnic Boxes DIY

Here is a sweet little idea that would be great for a baby shower or a picnic. The best part is all you need is paper and our handy template to put this together. We’ve partnered with Blue Diamond Almonds for this easy way to serve food at a party or a picnic. (Perfect for holding healthy snack foods like almonds!) These come together really quickly and I like that you can customize colors to suit your party really easily. It’s a nice little easy touch to add to a laid back party. See below for full instructions!

Origami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy DayOrigami Picnic Boxes | Oh Happy Day

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Jul 23

How to Pack for 2 Weeks to France in a Carry on

When I travel my goal is to be comfortable, dress appropriately, and not look like a slob. I also tend to be a light packer. If it doesn’t fit in my carryon then I don’t want to bring it. When I posted on Instagram that I packed for a 2 week trip to France (and a sidetrip to Morocco) with just a carryon I had several people ask me to do a post on it. Our trip was mostly touring cities so there wasn’t a lot of swimsuit time. Obviously if your trip was different (like in the winter or to a beach) you’d pack accordingly. I’ve tried to put notes next to each item on what I used it for so you could decide if you needed it or not. For example if you weren’t planning on working on your trip you might not bring a laptop. I packed to do a small load of laundry with socks and underwear halfway through my trip. But as long as I didn’t spill food on myself at mealtimes my clothes stayed pretty clean. All of the clothing and toiletries fit into one carryon bag and the electronics and travel documents and even the polka dot purse all fit into the leather tote. So when I was all packed up I only had two bags. (More photos below the jump.)

How to Pack for a 2 Week Trip to France in a Carryon! | Oh Happy Day!

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