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Back to School Outfits: Part Two

I always make these guides off things I’ve researched and bought for my kids. This is the first year I’ve added a post for my daughter since it’s her first year going to school. It’s been fun to help her explore her style.


A: Love this little flag, just a reminder for all of us.
B: Tiny berets can be hard to find (I know I’ve looked!)
C: I’ve been wearing bandanas a lot more lately, they can double as a mask if needed.
D: All the school supply stores in France carry these little student chalkboards.
E: I love the texture and color of this dress.
F: Chalk in all the colors!
G: We’ve stocked up on these reusable snack bags.
H: Sweet shoes with a little bow.


A: I love a good kite.
B: A sweet straw sunhat.
C: I bought this dress last week and she’s already worn it twice.
D: If there was a fire and we could only grab one thing, my daughter would save this coin purse.
E: Love this line of backpacks. They make cute fannypacks too.
F: Jacks for the playground.
G: These socks come in a 5 pack in nice colors.
H: My four year old is into velcro shoes she can do “all by myself.”


A: This denim jacket has really nice details. So unique for a kids piece.
B: Tie dye bandana!
C: Jumpsuits and dresses are great because you’re one and done.
D: This book is one of my favorite kids books of all time. It teaches kids how to be emotionally intelligent in a really great, smart way.
E: Love this little classic wooden yoyo.
F: Crayons from Germany with the really amazing vintage packaging.
G: Velcro! Their teachers will thank you.
H: Tote to hold all those library books.


A: Obsessed with these customized kids hats.
B: Overall dress, just add tights when the weather gets cool.
C: This is a really great textured sweater.
D: It’s all fun and games until these get tangled up.
E: Brightly colored and bouncy just like my four year old.
F: Hula hoop, you know…for kids.
G: Love Vejas, classic white tennis shoes look great with everything.


A: Shiny goes with everything.
B: We just invested in a million headbands. It’s easier than doing her hair.
C: I loved this sweet tiny print-dress.
D: Bob Ross in training!
E: Such a beautiful basketball!
F: These roller skates are my prized possession.


A: A red beanie makes a kids outfit.
B: I loved this sweet polka dot windbreaker.
C: Shirts that say things! Or make your own phrase.
D: A balloon toy–because she’s my daughter.
E: Cutest lunch bag ever.
F: Stripe paperbag pants. I wish they made these in grown up sizes.
G: Personalized Pencils. Our family tradition.
H: Slip on Vans–classic.


A: I discovered these giant dice and bought them! They’re so cute!
B: Love this shirt with the sweet detailing.
C: Cozy confetti sweater.
D: I visited this kids shop in Barcelona last year and love check their site for fun kids pieces. Love this watch.
E: Bought these in two colors.
F: State makes great backpacks.
G: Really like these sporty shoes that come in a nice dark green!

In case you missed it, here’s Part One.

  1. Danielle

    August 18, 2020

    Such cute outfits! Love the classic look of each. It’s nice to see girl outfits that are dripping in pink and sparkles.

  2. Colleen Dumas

    August 18, 2020

    So glad to have you back.

      • jordan
      • August 20, 2020

      Thanks Colleen!

  3. Britt

    August 18, 2020

    The overalls with those sneaks. Will be recreating this in adult size.

  4. Fabiola Bailey

    August 19, 2020

    These outfits are so adorable. Loving the new posts 🙂

      • jordan
      • August 20, 2020

      Thank you!!!

  5. Cecilia

    August 20, 2020

    Stasher (the adorable plastic-free pink reusable baggie) is having a 20% off sale this week!

  6. Sajid

    August 21, 2020

    These outfits are very beautiful. Loving this new post

  7. sakshi

    August 24, 2020

    its a nice design

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