Decking the Halls

by Casey Baudoin

One of my favorite evenings in December, is when all the family gathers together to trim the tree.  We play Christmas music, or watch our favorite Christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, and we usually try out some new holiday recipe in the kitchen.  Beginning traditions, like an Advent calendar, and starting those Christmas cards, make it a great family night, creating memories!


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Paper Scrap Flowers DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

When I made the Bonbon Advent Wreath last week, I was left with a beautiful pile of pink, red, green and gold scraps. Rather than toss them, I decided put them to good use – and to make some holiday place cards. When dinner is over, grab the flowers, remove the names and throw them in a vase for a long-lasting arrangement. Or send your guests home with a sweet keepsake. Happy Holidays!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
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Bonbon Advent Wreath DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

An advent calendar for the wall made up of 25 bright, colorful little bonbons – let the countdown begin! Fill each little package with treats, jokes, tattoos, things to do together – for a list of good advent calendar ideas, see Jordan’s posts here and here.
 Bonbon Advent Wreath DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Bonbon Advent Wreath DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Bonbon Advent Wreath DIY | Oh Happy Day!
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Hexagon Candy Box DIY

by Amy Moss

This project combines three of my favourite things: Papercraft, holiday decorating and candy! Create some really cute mini holiday decorations with these candy shaped hexagon boxes.  Settle in with some festive holiday music and a glass of bubbly and get your craft on!

Here are some ideas for what you can do with these cuties!

  • Attach some twine to the back to create cute hanging decorations
  • I’ve used gold, but you can use any other accent color or metallic you would like. Try an assortment of candy colors! Or use red for a more traditional Christmas theme.
  • Could be used as holiday gift boxes for miniature treasures or treats!
  • If you wish to make gift boxes suitable for larger gifts, use a photocopier to enlarge the template to the desired size.

DIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy BoxDIY Hexagon Candy Box

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Custom Holiday Gifts

I was excited to work with Zazzle because besides their holiday card selection they have a really cool selection of customizable gifts that are really affordable. I decided to get a head start on my holiday shopping and test out a few custom gift ideas I’ve had in mind. First, I designed a cute tote for my friend that’s perfect for trips to the farmer’s market. Then, I used a few of our favorite photos from our recent trip to Australia to create unique iPhone cases, luggage tags, and mugs for Paul. Designing my own gifts was addicting – it was fun seeing my ideas come to life! I like that I can put anything I want on the items, it would be a great gift for grandparents or kids. Last night I started a Pinterest board to help me keep track of great gift ideas.  What’s your favorite thing to give during the holiday season?

Holiday Gifts | Oh Happy Day!

A. Grocery Tote | B. Barely There iPhone 5 Case | C. Luggage Tag | D. Classic Mug

This post is sponsored by Zazzle. Holidays are made for you at Zazzle. Find gifts they’ll love at Zazzle.