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I love LOVE.

For all you lovers of love out there. See all our love-inspired picks here.

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1. CHECKERS SET / Cutest checkers set we’ve ever seen in a Valentine-y coral.
2. HEART NAPKINS / Ordering these napkins for Valentine’s Day breakfast!
4. MINI HEART WAFFLE MAKER / I actually hate random kitchen accessories but I’m putting this purchase squarely in the category of “I’m a fun mom.” And then I can pull it out every year.
5. HEART CRAYONS / Pretty sure I had these stackable heart crayons when I was a kid.
6. HEART STICKY NOTES / Sticky notepad! For all your love notes.
7. CHOCOLATE BANANA / This is a chocolate banana! I’m delighted by this Warhol-esque edible banana. I am buying a dozen and giving them to everyone.
8. FAUX FUR SLIPPERS / Because we are never leaving the house.
9. HEART PURSE / My child is obsessed with purses.
10. HEART SPONGE / If you’re gonna clean, you might as well make it cute.
11. I LOVE NY SHOPPER / A reusable heart bag for your favorite New Yorker.
12. I LIKE YOU BOOK / This book is one of my favorite gifts to give on Valentine’s Day.
13. HEART ANTENNAS / Another thing I would buy just to bring joy for the day. (Pull it out every year and re-gift to make it look like you tried!)
14. ART AND KISSES PLATTER / Love this new collab.
15. HEART STRESS TOY / For your heartbreak.
16. HEART STICKER LABELS / I love these because you can add them everywhere and voila! Instant Valentine decor!
18. HEART BUTTON CARDIGAN / Love the tiny detail.

  1. Jaimi B

    February 6, 2021

    I miss your old content so much. Everything is an Amazon link these days, and I’ve just completely cancelled my account to Amazon for all kinds of reasons. Is there a way to enjoy your creative inspo without all the affiliate links going to Amazon?

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