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7 Things to Survive Winter

Winter is always a rough season for me but adding a pandemic on top of that has me looking for survival skills. Here are seven things that have actually helped until warm weather and vaccines arrive.

  1. Jillbert

    January 22, 2021

    We added a hot tub to our back yard. Nothing beats a warm soak on a cold night. As we have our three young adult children here (one high schooler, one college kid, one new college graduate) it is getting a lot of use.

  2. Solveig

    January 22, 2021

    1. Staying outdoors, whenever we can. Last summer we went camping, this winter we go skiing. I tok up slalom again, after 23 years, alongside my 6 year old. 2. Knitting! I only knit for myself, as none of the kids like knitted stuff. 4. movie nights with all the kids 4. fresh flowers. While waiting for a new spring.. 5. Watching Call my Agent on Netflix – soo good. 6. making the best out of a messy house, low on home improvement inspiration. Still – all will be well..

  3. Milan

    January 29, 2021

    Good article.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kate

    February 1, 2021

    I love all these ideas! We also enjoy weekly movie nights with air popped popcorn — I can’t believe that this used to be a rare treat for my family pre-pandemic, what were we thinking? Another thing that has made this winter more bearable is a Christmas gift I received: a case of wine thoughtfully selected by my sister, including little hand-written “tasting note” tags on each bottle. As an occasional drinker, these are lasting me a long time and it has been so nice to have a lovely wine on hand (in my “cave”/laundry room) to make dinner feel a bit more special on these cold and dark weekends. Family friends lent us their archery set which has also provided some much-needed, excitement and inducement to head outdoors. And, my friend in the neighborhood has been kindly giving me her magazines after she has read them (and I am doing the same with mine!).

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