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Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

I’m constantly looking for small gifts that work for an Advent Countdown or Tooth Fairy. I like little toys that can be collected or stored together, especially toys that have a classic or vintage feel. I also don’t want things my kids will play for five minutes and quickly end up in the garbage. I keep a stash of these types of toys and prizes in my closet and am surprised how often they save me in a pinch. (On top of a birthday present, as a reward to honor a special day, and I’ve even wrapped several of them up as a big present–when I forgot to buy a birthday gift for their friend’s birthday party.) They are usually inexpensive and come in multiples so the key is to buy a stash then keep them hidden and locked up so they feel like a new surprise. Since we’re heading into the holiday season I thought I would do a round up. (Candy is easy to add so I kept this round up to strictly non-food items.) Click on each item below for the post or see these ideas and more in our OHD Stocking Stuffer section.

  1. Megan

    November 16, 2020

    These are such fun ideas! I could think of a person to give each of these stocking stuffers! Some of your ideas remind me of vintage games my Grandfather would play with me as a child!

    My favourite has to be the Pizza Puzzle! I can see it now – Doing a pizza puzzle while eating pizza!! Perfect!!

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