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House Plant Costume

A house plant costume for Halloween? Kinda random, yes. Which is EXACTLY why you should make one. Also, can we take a moment here to reflect on how ridiculously CUTE this kid looks in it?

House Plant Costume | Oh Happy Day!

House Plant Costume | Oh Happy Day!

House Plant Costume | Oh Happy Day!

House Plant Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Materials needed: Crepe paper (in Emerald Isle), scissors, corrugated paper, paint brush, green acrylic paint, hot glue gun, basket, x-acto knife or box cutter, brown felt, excelsior, canvas straps

Step 1: Cut a big square from your roll of crepe paper. Fold the square in half, and cut out a giant leaf. Open the folded leaf and gently pull the sides of the leaf to create a ruffled effect.

Step 2: Roll a piece of corrugated paper into a long narrow tube, and glue in place. Using the first tube for reference, roll a second piece large enough to fit the first and glue the two tubes together. Repeat until you have a stem about 4’ long, then paint green. Once dry, glue the narrowest segment of the stem along the centerfold of the crepe paper leaf. This adds a vein and gives the leaf a little structure!

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 until you have ten leaves. You can make smaller leaves by cutting two from the same square!

Step 4: Using a box cutter, cut the bottom out of the basket. Leave a small border (we left 2” on all sides).

Step 5: Place your basket facedown on a large piece of brown felt. Trace the basket’s opening in pen, and remove the basket. Draw a second smaller circle in the center of the round piece of felt for the wearer to fit through. Cut out both circles, leaving a felt ring. Hot glue the felt ring into the interior of the basket.

Step 6: Cut a slit, 1” wide into the felt ring and insert a leaf stem. Glue a strip of felt to the base of the stem, affixing it to the inside of the basket. Repeat with the rest of the leaves, trimming some of the stems to add variety in height.

Step 7: Glue excelsior to the remaining surface of the felt ring to hide your slits and stems.

Step 8: Cut canvas shoulder straps to size and glue to the interior for support.

House Plant Costume | Oh Happy Day!

House Plant Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Photography by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day
Art Directed by Irene Yu
Styled by Amy Moss
Produced by Alison Piepmeyer
Crafting by Naomi Julia Satake
Special thanks to little J for modeling!

  1. Kari

    September 23, 2016

  2. Michelle

    September 24, 2016

    Haha, adorable idea!

  3. Aleksandra

    September 24, 2016

    This looks lovely, and such a different costume

  4. Delinah

    September 25, 2016

    It seems that much of the crafting success is in knowing the right tools and materials for the job! I like the rippling crepe paper effect for the leaves. Yet, as a child, I wouldn’t have wanted to wear a plant costume unless it was the alien plant from Little Shop of Horrors! “Rarrgh! Feed me, Seymour!”

    Please work with your kids and give them some autonomy in choosing their costumes. If yours really wants to be a plant, though, go for it!

    Pink or black paint could add patterns: speckles, fringe or center leaf color, ombre (not sure what type of paint wouldn’t ruin the crepe paper, although construction paper or green garbage bags might work for the leaves, with the right backing–popsicle sticks glued to the stem as branching veins under the leaves?). The pot/basket could be decorated as well. I think a young child could help with the painting part. 🙂

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