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  1. Jordan

    April 4, 2014

    The straws! How cute! I may die!!!!!!

  2. Tess @ Tips on Life & Love

    April 4, 2014

    Love this list! I needed some Easter decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Kristin

    April 4, 2014

    Ooh. Those wooden Easter eggs are great!

  4. Kate

    April 4, 2014

    I love those painted eggs! So bright and beautiful.

  5. 2moiselles

    April 5, 2014

    I love the eggs!!

  6. Rosetrend

    April 6, 2014


    I would like you to know that this is one of my favourite blogs. I have now used days to scroll and look on everything on this blog. It is inspiring in every way. I am an art teacher and I now have a lot of tasks for the students. I like to invite friends over and now I have pinned several of your party ideas. I am spending my summer holiday in California this year. The first week in San Francisco. And now I have a lot of places and restaurants I want to visit.

    Thank you for a lovely blog. Keep going strong!

    Best regards from Rosetrend in Norway

      • jordan
      • April 7, 2014

      Hi Rosetrend! Thank you so much for your sweet words! Can’t wait for you to visit California – I’m sure you’ll love it here! 🙂

  7. DontBlameTheKids

    April 7, 2014

    Definitely going to paint wooden eggs with my girls this Easter, instead of doing hard boiled eggs–which is such a waste, in the end. Can’t wait!

  8. christina @ flowers + love

    April 7, 2014

    that table is soooo good! i actually loved the whole wedding. thanks for sharing.

      • jordan
      • April 7, 2014

      Me too! So pretty.

  9. 100 Layer Cakelet

    April 8, 2014

    Aren’t those straws the cutest!? Thanks for including them!

  10. Madeline Audrey

    April 11, 2014

    Those painted eggs are stunning! I am going to have to do this…

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