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Paper Scrap Flowers DIY

When I made the Bonbon Advent Wreath last week, I was left with a beautiful pile of pink, red, green and gold scraps. Rather than toss them, I decided put them to good use – and to make some holiday place cards. When dinner is over, grab the flowers, remove the names and throw them in a vase for a long-lasting arrangement. Or send your guests home with a sweet keepsake. Happy Holidays!

Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
Materials needed: floral wire, floral tape, craft glue, wire cutters, scissors, green paper, crepe paper, ribbon and tissue paper ‘scraps’ (strips approx. 4″ x 1/4″), gold floral bulbs, letter stamps or pen.
Step 1: Gather your pretty scraps. Cut a 6″ piece of floral wire.
Step 2: Lay 10-12 strips in a pile and gently pinch them together in the center. Bend the tip of the wire around the center of the strips. Stick in a gold floral bulb – but you could certainly skip this if you don’t have them.
Step 3: Twist the wire a few times to secure it. Tear off 3″ of floral tape and twist and twirl the tape around where the wire meets the paper strips. Fluff out the flower.
Step 4:  Cut out a leaf shape (approx. 2″ x 1″) with one flat side. Stamp or write your guests names on the leaf. Apply a thin line of glue and attach the leaf to the wire. Let dry.
Step 5: Raise a glass and let the good times roll.
Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day! Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day! Paper Scrap Flowers DIY | Oh Happy Day!
PS: These would be lovely as gift toppers or tags, don’t you think?
Photography by Tim Gibson
  1. maggie

    December 2, 2013

    These are adorable – and they seem pretty easy to make!

  2. Autumn Duke

    December 2, 2013

    These really would make lovely gift toppers! I love the idea. I also really admire that you were able to find a purpose for these scraps. Genius.

  3. PARIS BEE kids blog

    December 3, 2013

    I can imagine Little Miss waiving these around… love them!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE

  4. meghan

    December 3, 2013

    What a great use for paper scraps! I love when you can use EVERYTHING when doing a project.

  5. Mary Lou alberetti

    December 3, 2013

    Lovely idea.

  6. lyndsay // coco cake land

    December 3, 2013

    chiara – you are so creative and clever – of course you saw scraps and turned them into something beautiful and original! ^__^ love this DIY. xo

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