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Frigidaire® Induction for the Home Chef | Sponsored Post

Hello readers. This is a sponsored post written by someone else. Thanks for being supportive of the sponsors that help me be able to run Oh Happy Day. This post is brought to you by Frigidaire “Test Your Induction I.Q.”. You can find out more and join the conversation on Facebook! -Jordan

Throwing a fancy cocktail party or cooking pasta for the family? Either way, you can speed things up without sacrificing taste with the help of a Frigidaire® Induction range. Induction technology uses electromagnets to create rapid heat in metal-based pots or pans, boiling water more quickly than gas or electric cooktops and saving energy in the process. In fact, certain products from the Frigidaire Professional® line, including the induction hybrid cooktop, make up the Frigidaire® Ultra Efficient Kitchen, which runs on a mere $0.36 per day! Over the course of a week, you’ll spend less on running your kitchen appliances than you would on a single latte.

On top of reducing your prep time for pasta, sauce, and other savory or sweet stovetop goodies, induction cooktops stay cooler to the touch so that they’re easier to clean and safer to use around your family. Induction works with a variety of cookware, and there’s a simple way to find out if your cookware is already compatible: if a magnet sticks to the bottom, that pot or pan will work with induction. Easy peasy, right? Induction technology is the fastest way to get a home-cooked dinner on the table, which frees up your precious time for other things. Go to to hear why Chef Anne Burrell likes induction appliances and to Test Your Induction I.Q. to enter for a chance to win a new Frigidaire® Induction Range.*

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