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Piperlime coupon

A lot of people emailed me asking about how I got a coupon to Piperlime. I’m not sure how I got the first one although I am on just about every mailing list out there. But recently I had to return a pair of shoes I bought because the leather on one of the shoes was discolored. So when I called to take care of the exchange the lady gave me another coupon. So of you are really wanting one I bet you could call Customer Care (1-877-PIPERLIME) and ask for one.

I love these heels, they remind me of the eighties. I would wear them with skinny jeans and a bright spring shirt.

  1. JENNIE!

    March 27, 2007

    great blog, and great shoes… I think they are a must buy. Heidi is my sis-in-law, and told me about your blog. Thanks for finding such fabulous stuff.

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