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Fish Bag

I saw a girl with this bag last week and I liked it so much I stopped her to ask her where she bought it. I was so surprised when she replied “Gap.” I couldn’t find it online but I was in there shopping for Paul and I got a picture of it. It is $100 and part of their RED campaign. Isn’t it cute?

  1. Kate F.

    March 27, 2007

    Ooh, a month or so ago I passed up a little umbrella at the gap that I’m now regretting–it was dark blue with little white fish on it; totally adorable.

    Oh! It’s still online (it was cheaper at the store in town a month ago), but it has one of those annoying little handles… The link doesn’t want to post, but it’s the “compact travel umbrella.” The red and yellow “spring” umbrellas are cute and have curved handles.

  2. liz s

    March 27, 2007

    love it

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