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New Years Resolution Recap

1. Read ten books this year.
So far: 1.How to be Good 2.Pride and Prejudice
2. Run 16km race in January.
check, did it on my birthday
3. Learn Calligraphy
4. Take a cooking class

5. Take two classes at Center for the Book
I’m registered for two in February.
6. Hire a cleaning lady.
I haven’t arranged this yet because I feel bad doing it while I’m not working full-time. Next month maybe?
7. Plan wardrobe every month {I look so much better when I spend a few hours planning outfits.}
8. Remember everybody’s birthday

It is already February, I need to get on this!

  1. Melanie Hess

    February 1, 2007

    Did you like “How To Be Good”? It’s one of my favorite Nick Hornby novels. . .

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