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Collecting Teacups

My sister Rachel asked about all the teacups I have. I started collecting vintage teacups last year. I collect mismatched ones on ebay or at the flea market, the only thing that unifies them is they all have some sort of gold on them. I have about ten of these and they are my favorite. Here is the ebay search I use.

My Aunt Robin took note of my shameless begging and gave me some blue bird teacups from Anthropologie for Christmas. They were having a sale recently so I bought several more so I could have enough for tea parties.

While we are on the subject of teacups we just got these in at Anthropologie and I’m obsessed! I couldn’t justify buying them because I have too many already and they were a bit more than I wanted to pay. But aren’t they lovely!

  1. Design Mom

    January 8, 2007

    The teacups are my favorite part of your table at the shower. Really great.

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