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Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

Last year, I won two free tickets to participate in the annual Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt in San Francisco. I had never heard of the hunt but it sounded like a lot of fun – teams took off on the Saturday during Chinese New Year and ran throughout the city solving clues. I needed four people for a team, so my husband and I convinced our friends Tyler and Rachel to join us. We were very confident in ourselves – a lot of the participants weren’t San Franciscans and we were – who could know the city better than us? We were blown away by how difficult some of the questions were (and we did the Easy Hunt!) and how hard it was to run all over the city and its famous hills during the New Year Parade (many streets are blocked off and people are everywhere). If anyone is around San Francisco on March 3 this year, I highly recommend signing up.

  1. Anonymous

    January 23, 2007

    What a great event–but it does look hard. Did your team get any of the answers/places? What do the markers look like so that you know you got it?

  2. Anonymous

    January 23, 2007

    We got most of the answers correct but ran out of time.

    The markers are signs or placards around the city. When you solve the clue, you’ll (typically) have two streets that will intersect to give you the location, then when you reach the area, you search for another ‘clue’ within the clue.

    When you reach the correct “spot” (a sign, plaque, statue, etc.), you’ll be instructed to write something down that you could only see if you were there.

    It’s really, really fun. Again, I highly recommend doing it.

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