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  1. jared

    January 7, 2007

    that’s like grandma’s couch that we weren’t allowed to sit on.

  2. jordan

    January 8, 2007

    Maybe its subconscious and I just want it so I am finally allowed to sit on it.

  3. Chelsea

    January 8, 2007

    Actually there is an entire theory out there that Anthro is so popular with this generation for exactly that reason. That subconsiously we are trying to recreate our granparents house and discover a perfect childhood. There was an entire article written up about it in the NY Times. Kind of a funny…

  4. Mare~Marmalade

    March 15, 2007

    I am so after a knock off of that sofa, I’ve come close but no cigar. 🙁

    I am loving the lines at JCP though, you aren’t kidding, their stuff has gotten fun and kitschey! (goodness SO spelled wrong). Anyway great blog, I’m looking here for some inspiring ideas as I am opening a photography studio in the next month and am looking for something hip, young, modern & funky that will add to the antique store ambience surrounding the area. Sort of Anthropologie meets thrift store thing. 🙂 Oh wait…

    And as for the not sitting on grandmas sofa thing, I found the ultimate in perfect caramel toned damask from the 70’s era with NO rips, tears or anything. The ultimate insult to grandma who preserved this sofa for so many years will be my revenge as I drag it into the forest and the fields to have children’s portraits done on it! 🙂

  5. zane

    August 17, 2009

    That looks great! Casamodern offers wide range of Modern Sofa.

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