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As you may know I peddle bracelets as a way to keep myself feeling creative whilst in grad school. My goal for the Thanksgiving break is to hole up and make as many as possible for the Holiday season and all the fun craft fairs I’ll be selling at. I’ve been following Jordan’s blog for a while, and have come to LOVE all her savy readers, so, uh.. I’m going to abuse my guest blogging gig and enlist YOUR help. I’m thinking about making a ton of bracelets out the the stack of vintage Wonder Woman comics I just won on ebay. This one made out of 1940’s wallpaper is also a perenial best seller. The “woody” is also the one I wear the most. I kind of like the idea of Holiday ones (made out of Chinese spirit money) but don’t want to be too theme-y. There’s also a TON of others options all over my site. Where do you come in? I’m using YOU as my consumer focus group- in the comments let me know which ones YOU think will sell the best. Hey, while we’re at it I’ll take any other product suggestions you have (and I know, I know, I need better pix). Thanks!!

  1. jordan

    November 9, 2006

    These are awesome. I totally want one.

  2. amanda

    November 9, 2006

    yeah emily, i like all of them. i do particularly think the 40’s wallpaper one is great, but wonder woman is too. toss up. and, you’ve never made an ugly one that i know of.

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