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I love hot chocolate… in fact for my recent birthday it became apparent that my friends have picked up on this. My friend molly gave me this adorable hot chocolate book, I was surprised by a magazine and hot chocolate one morning, and I was taken to Coupa as well as given a tin of their delicious Venezeulen blend. This time of year hot chocolate is such a cozy thought, but I also love how it can be dressed up. My sister is having hot chocolate service as part of her wedding dinner, and Marie Belle’s blend is pure sophistication. My friend’s mom introduced me to the joys of Spanish hocho.. which is so thick you eat it with a spoon. When I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll make homemmade marshmallows to go with it. Grating nutmeg with my microplane always tops it off.

  1. jordan

    November 9, 2006

    This is awesome….

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