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Pottery Barn

These drapes I wanted went on sale kind of, but not enough to tempt me. I’m trying to decide what dining chairs to get, I like these with the nailheads. I am moving our dining table into our living room so I want chairs that will fit nicely into a living room setting. These might be a little too boring. If you aren’t careful thats what Pottery Barn furniture does to your house, it makes it boring.

I made a rule for myself that anymore money I spend on the apartment has to come from the apartment. So I have to sell some of my loot to be able to make more improvements.

  1. Anonymous

    October 2, 2006

    Those drapes look similar to the ones I have imagined for my house. Only mine will need to be VERY tall since I have floor to ceiling windows (the room is 2-story). I was thinking about just having them made which I know will be expensive…but then I’ll have exactly what I want. I imagine raw silk that puddles on the floor.

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